Kansas City Chiefs: The Team Versus The Player

From the FanPosts. -Chris

It is Sunday and for many a time to worship their Deity. For some of us we worship the Kansas City Chiefs every day. Now I have been a Chiefs Fan since the arrival from Dallas way back when. All the while I have loved the team as a whole, even after many fruitless and frustrating years. And during those times I have enjoyed some of the celebrated players, but did I worship them individually?

We have been having fun with different scenarios- the 2011 NFL draft, CBA, the right 53, etc.. Many of us want to consider different objectives such as how to aquire a NT, or pay our FA's  or develop trades. A common phenomena is how attached some folks get to certain players. Believe me I did as well when I was a boychild and the team was winning championships. Then Hank Stram left, players got older and retired and the team that I grew up with was no longer. I lost my heroes, but I still had my team.

Football is different now than it was then. The infusion of monster dollars from television, unionizing and free agency, along with the many rule changes has changed the game I grew up with to something that I am not as enthralled with like I was as a child. Be that as it may, I still love the team and have been happy following it since Pioli was brought in. However, I no longer have the hero worship that I once had, and think that I am more pragmatic as well. I want to see another Super Bowl Trophy in Kansas City and believe that to do this some sacrifice is in order.

The harsh reality in today's world is there is not much loyalty from the team to the players or from the players to the team. I am OK with this, even if I don't care for it. With this in mind I think that almost any player is subject to trade speculation. It is much easier now that I do not idolize them. Trying to project myself in Pioli's shoes to try and do what is right for the team sometimes means making difficult decisions.

Putting the puzzle together means getting the right 53 players who can help this team advance to championship caliber. Does it mean trading an All-Pro? If that is what it takes, Hell Yeah! Might not be popular, but you as a GM are not in the popularity business, but the business of winning. Am I suggesting we trade Bowe or Hali, my personal favorites to trade while their value is high, and the answer is no. But it has to be considered if a team makes an offer you couldn't refuse, or if the cap hit is going to present you with the necessity of trading or letting go other players who have importance in their own right as part of that 53.

Remember we have a parsimonious ownership and a frugal GM, up to this point anyway, which makes these decisions easier to consider. This last decade saw that you need a QB, LT, CB, and (PRS) pass rush specialist as you core. Some, but not all teams figure in a WR in this matrix. However, when you look at the team in NE that Pioli was part of for so long, they seem to have a slightly different take on this. A QB for sure as he he your on the field leader. After that it seems it gets murky in how they paid players of star caliber. They paid guys, but if my memory serves me correctly, and seldom does as aging sets in, they pay good salaries to good players but seldom go out on a limb with the superstar contracts. It seems the preference is to keep bringing in talented guys who play hard for the love of the game and rotating other guys out the door after they have gotten star status and big money demands. Players like Seymour and the CB who went to Philly come to mind. Certainly there are exceptions, guys who have such value to the team besides just playing. Players like the safety Harrison and recently Wilfork.

So what I guess I am trying so say is do not get overly attached to the players as the are replaceable, but the team is going to be here for a long time. I sure hope the Hunt's do not move the team and it isn't likely at this time which is good as I am a fan for life.  Go Kansas City!!  Go Chief's!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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