Mel Kiper Weighs In On Kansas City Chiefs 2011 NFL Draft Needs

PASADENA CA - NOVEMBER 06: Akeem Ayers #10 of the UCLA Bruins is tackled by James Dockery #4 of the Oregon State Beavers during the first quarter at the Rose Bowl on November 6 2010 in Pasadena California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

More fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL in general watch ESPN than read Arrowhead Pride so I'm always curious what ESPN has to say about the Chiefs because that's what most fans will know or remember about the team.

With that, we look to ESPN's "On The Clock: Kansas City Chiefs" episode. Kiper hits on a couple of the positions we've talked about as positions of need -- receiver and outside linebacker. He glosses over nose tackle, which I think may be a mistake. You could also throw offensive tackle in there. To me, there is no clear front-runner position right now.

Say what you want about Kiper but his presence on ESPN means it's draft season which is such a nice thing to think about given everything else going on around the football world right now.

Here's a link to the video and, for those of you at work, I transcribed what Kiper had to say after the jump. You can tell how excited he is about the draft because he jumps around from topic to topic speaking quickly so his thoughts don't translate well to typed words.

"The GM -- what he touches does turn to gold. They'e done a heck of a job. They've really developed some talent on that football team. They've drafted really well. You think about some of the guys they brought in -- Eric Berry early -- certainly a heck of a pick. That's a home run all the way.

"How about Tony Moeaki out of Iowa? Last year's tight end crop was phenomenal. Baltimore with their two and New England with Hernandez and Gronkowski. The thing about Moeaki and what he was able to do -- phenomenal.

"You have Dwayne Bowe but what do you have opposite Dwayne Bowe? They need a wide receiver to help out Matt Cassel and take that offense to another level.

"I think defensively, Tamba Hali, real good player, no question. But who's the other outside linebacker in that 3-4 scheme?

They could upgrade a little bit at nose tackle but I think outside linebacker and wide receiver...but who's going to be there at wide receiver? It won't be AJ Green from Georgia. It won't be Julio Jones from Alabama. Maybe they think about Leonard Hankerson out of Miami. That's maybe a little early.

"I think Akeem Ayers, outside linebacker from UCLA. He's at 21 because he didn't run well at the Combine. He's a solid, multi-dimensional football player. I think he would help the Chiefs."

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