Why Trading Back Makes Sense for the Chiefs

First let me start by saying that I’m a longtime lurker first time poster. I originally started this post as a reply to the mock draft thread but it got a little verbose and I felt it fit better as a fan post. I apologize if this has been talked about before and Joel can feel free to move this around as he sees fit.

In reading the various mock draft posts I’ve seen a few people mention the possibility of trading back. In my opinion this would by far be the best course of action for the Chiefs this year. For the first time in years we’re not stuck picking at the top of the draft and the possibility of a trade back is very real. In looking at most predictions around the net it seems that the best talent available at our pick will be of the offensive tackle and defensive end variety. Unfortunately for the Chiefs neither of these a primary need worthy of a first round pick. Don’t get me wrong I think the Chiefs need to draft a right tackle at some point this year to come in an compete with Richardson, I just don’t see it as a need that necessarily needs to be addressed in the first, especially when you consider the possibilities that a trade back offers.

At other positions 21 seems to be a kind of dead-zone this year where the elite talent is off the board and you’re stuck reaching on 2nd tier talent. Assuming none of the can’t miss prospects drop, my proposal is that the Chiefs cash in on the opportunity and trade the pick to one of the teams at the top of the second looking to move up to get their choice of the top tackle prospects (perhaps to protect that shiny new first round QB) or talented defensive ends and pick up a high third rounder and likely a pick next year in the process. Other teams that could look to move up a couple spots include New England (has a plethora of picks available and the Pioli connection), Pittsburgh (jumps up for the opportunity reunite the Pouncey brothers) or the most recent player Green Bay (who may be looking to move up and snatch a choice DE with Johnny Jolly likely headed to prison). A trade with either of these three would net the Chiefs a late first and late second round pick.

Now I realize that this would probably means that the Chiefs miss out on nose tackle Phil Taylor (I see the Jets taking him in this scenario).   I’m all right with that. I know many have jumped on the Taylor bandwagon as of late, but I don’t see him as a fit for our 3-4 system. The reason I don’t see him as a fit has nothing to due with character concerns. From the tape I see Taylor as more of a penetrating nose tackle. I see Taylor being very successful in that role. However, that is not what Romeo Crennel’s 3-4 asks of the nose tackle, our system requires a wall of a man who can hold the point of attack. I think that the Chiefs have finally found the ideal nose tackle prospect to fill this role and that their man is Jerrell Powe.

Take the time to consider the possibilities this could offer. Here is what I see as our ideal draft:

2a. Leonard Hankerson WR Miami- Outside of AJ Green and Julio Jones (both of whom the Chiefs have zero chance at) Hankerson is by far my favorite receiver prospect in this draft. He’s got a big body and uses it well and possesses great speed for a man his size. I see a potential star in Hankerson and gives Cassel another big target (which plays to his strengths) opposite of #82. Top of the second is the perfect place to pick up Hankerson as I see little chance he lasts to our second pick.

2b. Brooks Reed OLB Arizona- Non stop motor and great work ethic, and a pass rusher from the Clay Matthews mold. Ultimately I think Reed could prove to be one of is not the best linebackers to come out of this class. His stock has been on the rise and he may not last till this pick but if he’s there the Chiefs have to jump on him. He’d be a day one improvement over Vrabel at the SOLB spot and bring some more intensity to the Chiefs D. If he’s off the board I think the Chiefs reach a little bit on Powe to ensure they get their man at nose tackle and select Sam Acho (OLB) at the top of the third.

3a. Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss- A first round prospect before his coaches slimmed him down and tried to make him something he’s not- a penetrating DT. This failed experiment has caused Powe’s stock to plummet. When he’s beefed up and playing the Nose tackle position he’s been dominant. He’s a mountain of a man and just what the Chiefs defense needs to shore up it’s biggest hole. He’s also got great character and may be one of the hardest workers in the draft. He’s struggled to succeed despite learning disabilities that went overlooked by a piss poor school system. I’d love to see Powe in the Red and Gold.

3b. Jake Kirkpatrick C TCU- The 2010 Rimington Trophy winner out of TCU is perfect fit for the Chiefs zone blocking scheme. He’s an extremely smart and talented player who could be ready to take over for Wiegs by mid season. Solid value at this pick and should be an anchor of the Chiefs interior line for years to come.

4. Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa- Developemental project for Zorn. Needs work but has all of the intangibles and the potential to be a good player in the league. Has shown considerable improvement during his career at Iowa. He’s a born leader, studies film obsessively, and is a clutch player when the game is on the line. Good measureables as well. My favorite of the mid-late round prospects I think he could turn out to be a great pickup (plus we can finally send Croyle packing).

5a. Joseph Barksdale RT LSU- Has all the measureables you look for in a tackle and could develop into a solid player. Stock has dropped considerably. Regardless of who it is there will be a pretty good potential right tackle available at this pick, fill in who ever you like.

5b. Jeff Maehl WR Oregon- Was an outstanding player for the Ducks. Would need to put on a little bulk but the body by Haley program should take care of that. With Maehl in the slot and Bowe and Hankerson on the outside we’ve got a legitmate receiver core.

6. Mario Harvey ILB Marshall- Good late round pickup to come in and compete with Belcher. Herzlich would be another option to consider if he drops.

7. Chris Nield or Anthony Gray NT- Provides another rotational piece and boots Toribio off the roster. Nose tackle is the cornerstone of the 3-4 and if either of these guys are available at this pick I think Pioli hedges his bets and doubles down.

I feel that this draft does a good job of addressing the Chiefs primary needs with quality players and would greatly improve our team for the 2011 season. Obviously any trade back scenario is difficult to predict as it requires you to find a trading partner, I'm just saying that if I'm in Pioli's shoes I'm doing everything in my power to make it happen. I think the Chiefs are in the perfect position for Pioli to work his magic.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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