Draft. History. 1001.

I'm sure this post has been made at least a thousand times already so I'm here to make it at least a thousand and one. You can thank me later.

Scott Pioli left a highly successful New England program to take over here in KC and build our once proud team into a competent contender. After the success of the Chiefs 2010 campaign, we are all anxiously awaiting to see who Pioli picks and how those players fit the "needs" of this team.

Like last year, I'm sure many of us will be shocked with several of the selections made in this draft. However, like last year, even though a majority of Chiefs Nation hated the Moeaki pick and felt it was a waste....many of us (including me), were eating crow by the Third game of the season after seeing just how talented Moeaki really is.

Everyone wants to know who's going to be picked. Everyone has their "guy" that they're rooting and hoping for. Judging by Pioli's previous drafts with the Patriots and considering his last two drafts with the Chiefs, I hope to show some of the tendencies Pioli has, and address in a logical way, who I think will be the 21st overall selection in the 2011 Draft based on these trends. Take the jump.

NEW ENGLANDS' Draft Classes W/ Pioli 2001-2008


Round 1 #6 - Richard Seymore DT/DE

Round 2 #48 - Matt Light OT

Round 3 #86 - Brock Williams CB

Round 4 #96 - Kenyatta Jones OT

Round 4 #119 - Jarbari Holloway TE

Round 5 #163 - Hakim Akbar DB

Round 6 #180 - Arthur Love TE

Round 6 #200 - Leonard Myers CB

Round 7 #216 - Owen Pochman K

Round 7 #239 - TJ Turner LB


Round 1 #21 - Daniel Graham TE

Round 2 #65 - Deion Branch WR

Round 4 #117 - Rohan Davey QB

Round 4 #126 - Garvis Green DE

Round 7 #237 - Antwoine Womack RB

Round 7 #253 - David Givens WR


Round 1 #13 - Ty Warren DE

Round 2 #36 - Eugene Wilson FS

Round 2 #45 - Bethel Johnson WR

Round 4 #117 - Dan Klecko LB/FB/DT

Round 4 #120 - Asante Samuel CB

Round 5 #164 - Dan Koppen C

Round 6 #201 - Kliff Kingsbury QB

Round 7 #234 - Spencer Nead TE

Round 7 #239 - Tully Banta-Cain LB

Round 7 #243 - Ethan Kelly NT


Round 1 #21 - Vince Wilfork NT

Round 1 # - Benjamin Watson TE

Round 2 #63 - Marquise Hill DE

Round 3 #95 - Guss Scott S

Round 4 #113 - Dexter Reid S

Round 4 #128 - Cedric Hobbs RB

Round 5 #164 - PK Sam WR

Round 7 #233 - Christian Morton CB


Round 1 #32 - Logan Mankins G

Round 3 #84 - Ellis Hobbs CB

Round 3 #100 - Nick Kaczur OT

Round 4 #133 - James Sanders S

Round 5 #170 - Ryan Claridge LB

Round 7 #230 - Matt Cassel QB


Round 1 #21 - Laurence Maroney RB

Round 2 #36 - Chad Johnson WR

Round 3 #86 - David Thomas TE

Round 4 #106 - Garrett Mills RB

Round 4 #118 - Stephen Gostkowski K

Round 5 #136 - Ryan O'Callaghan OT

Round 6 #191 - Jeremy Mincey LB 

Round 6 #205 - Dan Stevenson G

Round 6 #206 - Le Kevin Smith DT

Round 7 #229 - Willie Andrews CB


Round 1 #24 - Brandon Merriweather CB

Round 4 #127 - Kareem Brown DT

Round 5 #171 - Clint Oldenburg OT

Round 6 #180 - Justin Rogers LB

Round 6 #202 - Mike Richardson DB

Round 6 #208 - Justise Hairston RB

Round 6 #209 - Corey Hilliard OT

Round 7 #211 - Oscar Lua LB

Round 7 #247 - Mike Elgin G


Round 1 #10 - Jerod Mayo LB

Round 2 #62 - Terrence Wheatley CB

Round 3 #78 - Shawn Crable LB

Round 3 #94 - Kevin Connell QB

Round 4 #129 -Jonathon Wilhite CB

Round 5 #153 - Matt Slater WR

Round 6 #197 - Bo Rudd LB

FACTS derived from 2001-2008:

- Five out of Eight times the Patriots drafted for Defense in the First Round

- The Patriots double dipped in at least one position Seven out of Eight years

- No QB's were taken before the Third Round

- No WR's or OT's were taken before the Second Round

- Six TE's drafted total (a trend we're seeing continued here in KC)

- 29 Offensive players drafted / 26 Defensive players drafted: no real favoritism on either side of the ball

CHIEFS' Draft Classes W/ Pioli 2009-2010


Round 1 #3 - Tyson Jackson DE

Round 3 #67 - Alex Magee DT/DE

Round 4 #102 - Donald Washington DB

Round 5 #139 - Colin Brown OT

Round 6 #175 - Quentin Lawrence WR/KR

Round 7 #212 -Javarris Williams RB

Round 7 #237 - Jake O'Connell TE

Round 7 #256 - Ryan Succop K


Round 1 #5 - Eric Berry S

Round 2 #36 - Dexter McCluster WR/RB/KR

Round 2 #50 - Javier Arenas CB/KR/PR

Round 3 #68 - Jon Asamoah G

Round 3 #93 - Tony Moeaki TE

Round 5 #136 - Kendrick Lewis

Round 5#152 - Cameron Sheffield LB

Tendencies/Trends that have continued:

- Defense with the First pick

- Double dipping in at least one position

- TE's


Looking at the statistical information being carried over and how its matching up with Pioli' drafts for the Chiefs, paired with the knowledge that our top 3 needs are most likely NT, C, and WR, its a good bet that Pioli will try to draft at least one at each position. Its unlikely he would draft two Centers, but given his previous record, double dipping at WR and NT is a very strong possibility. Especially at WR.

So who will the Scott Pioli take with the 21st overall pick in 2011?

Pioli has never taken an OT in the First Round. He has never drafted for offense in the First Round since coming to Kansas City. While we could use additional depth/help at OT, and Derek Sherrod is a promising target, Barry Richardson' high tender suggests he isn't going anywhere. He will be given the opportunity to develop into the RT position. With more pressing needs at NT, C, and WR, I don't think Pioli will break the trend of not selecting an OT in the First Round this year. 

Pioli has never taken a WR in the First Round either. And with the 2011 WR class being weak outside of AJ Green, and the 2012 Draft looking ripe with talented youth at that position, I see this trend continuing. Pioli may still draft a WR or two, but not before the Second Round. I look for Scott Pioli to draft once again for Defense with the 21st pick.

*An interesting note: if you look at the Patriots 2004 Draft Class, notice who they took with their 21st overall pick.

Isn't it ironic? And yeah I really do think....unless someone like the Jets trade up, I believe Pioli will draft his Wilfork in the form of Phil Taylor with the 21st overall pick. This is just my opinion. All assumptions are based on some factual relevance, a little logic, and maybe a bit of bias. Taylor is easily the best NT in this draft and has worked hard to make his way into mid-late First Round consideration. We need a dominant NT and fully expect Pioli to take one if not two NT's in the 2011 Draft. Taylor and Anthony Gray get my vote. Give me yours, who's your guy, what do you see from Pioli's previous drafts, etc, etc. Thanks for reading. Later.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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