Pick-up games at Arrowhead anyone?

Imagine that....I think I'll be setting a P.R. for posts in a week but I don't care. What would stadiums around the country do if there wasn't any football going on this fall? I don't want to hear about soccer either. Mainly because I don't like soccer and it defeats the purpose of the post :)

I think it's a waste for these stadiums to just sit there and collect dust so I have a plan. I think I could personally get 15-20 people in the KC area to head up to Arrowhead to play a pick up game out on the field. Hell....I'd pay $50-60 bucks to step out there and chuck it deep to a friend running a fly-route. I would like a little atmosphere help from the folks at Arrowhead though. I don't know the costs, but there is no reason for the sounds system to be wasted either. Get some crowd noise blaring through those speakers and some celebration cheers when a TD is scored. I can dig that.

I'm pretty sure that a two-hour block of time on most days could get a few groups each day to head up there and keep the stadium in use. I don't care that it'd be empty either. Now you can probably tell I don't think this is feasible. But it is a pretty cool thought to imagine yourself out there on the field with a loud (electonic) crowd cheering you to a touchdown. Now if I've come this far with the idea let's just go all out shall we.......?

I know there isn't a ton of news pumping through AP right now and we're looking for something to talk about when a season 'could' still happen. Although I'm siding with Aiken in that I don't think a season will be played this fall at this point. It's gotten too contentious and it doesn't seem like either side is really going to budge. I heard the other day that players still get checks through July?? Then why so many memo's out about being smart with money because the checks will stop at some point. The players obviously have dug in....and the owners won't open their books....rightfully. So....what is AP going to talk about in October? I'll tell you what.

There will be daily breakdowns from Kalo and Bewsaf on the play of the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday pickup games from the week before. An injury report from Joel on all of the people who realized they aren't 22 anymore. Aiken will write a post keeping optimism alive for the Monday 2pm Visiting squad after a pretty brutal showing. That lawyer in Minnesota who doubles as a doctor will tell you that the players listed on Joel's injury report cannot sue anyone for getting injured during an imaginary pick-up game at Arrowhead.

Upamtn, Steve, and Tarkus will give us a very honest, level-headed view of how bad these games really are. Larrymcdaniel will write scouting reports on one player, and he'll be the kicker in the corner. And we will come to find out that he's a soccer player and he didn't rent the field at 2pm and shouldn't have been there anyhow. I personally will make sure that my team consists of the "right 7", and if you drink or smoke, you are not allowed on the "right 7". We need team chemistry and for everyone to "get it". I want guys that are about "winning", not Charlie's "winning", Bajah's "winning".

Start getting your teams ready for this fall and only sign up for the Wednesday 4pm game if you feel like losing.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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