Claim Your Team For The 2011 Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft

Every team has been claimed. Mock draft starts Wednesday morning with the Panthers! -Chris

We're two days from the 2011 AP Community Mock Draft and it's time to claim your team. After the jump, I've listed the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft and what AP commenters have already claimed teams by virtue of picking for that team for the last two mock drafts.

To claim your team, simply comment with the team name in the comment. 

There are few rules/requirements to participate:

  • This will be a two round mock draft;
  • Teams will be awarded based on comment time stamp;
  • We are posting three picks per weekday starting Wednesday, so please make sure you're able to send us a quality write up in a timely fashion;
  • Please e-mail your pick and write up to

Key change here is we're starting Wednesday instead of tomorrow to give you enough time for a write up. After that, it's three picks per weekday until we're done. 

If you get to participate, please make sure you're able to deliver a timely, quality write up. That's what makes this whole thing tick. 

Ready? Claim your team!

mushin has the Raiders

* Updated 11:10 AM CT

1. Carolina (2-14) - ChiefsFan90s
2. Denver (4-12) - craig in calgary
3. Buffalo (4-12) - Arrowdread
4. Cincinnati (4-12)  - Dirty South Chiefs Fan
5. Arizona (5-11) - tmurawsk
6. Cleveland (5-11) - H2E
7. San Francisco (6-10) - Another Successful Tedford QB
8. Tennessee (6-10) - ejr58
9. Dallas (6-10) - Royals Time
10. Washington (6-10) - nmchief
11. Houston (6-10) - FalconMF27
12. Minnesota (6-10) - Raven Hawk
13. Detroit (6-10) - Matt Hays
14. St. Louis (7-9) - Sam D
15. Miami (7-9) - YerganFlurgan
16. Jacksonville (8-8) - GenericBrand
17. New England - from Oakland (8-8) - averagegatsby
18. San Diego (9-7) - Chiefscafan58
19. New York Giants (10-6) - flowers 24
20. Tampa Bay (10-6) - PSUkeGreen
21. Kansas City (10-6) - Matt_Grbac
22. Indianapolis (10-6) - saskwatch
23. Philadelphia (10-6) - OnlyKCFanNVA
24. New Orleans (11-5) - The Other Patrick Allen
25. Seattle (7-9) - Simon from KC
26. Baltimore (12-4) - Ben S
27. Atlanta (13-3) - stagdsp
28. New England (14-2) - averagegatsby
29. Chicago (11-5) - KillaCity107
30. New York Jets (11-5) - bradelli58
31. Pittsburgh (12-4) - scottchief
32. Green Bay (10-6) - Aesthetist

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