Mr. Reach

Many people have and will continue to say Tyson Jackson was a reach and never should have been picked by our Chiefs.  But I on the other hand think he was a great pick because the only other player I would have picked back then was Raji.  Maybe Jackson hasn't been as good as Raji statistically but look at who's behind Raji.  The LB's for the Packers are Top 5 in the League as a group.  So let me break our man Tyson Jackson down and his effect on our team.

Tjax will never get sacks or even make many tackles.  But don't worry that's not what he was drafted for I promise.  He has a job and he does it very very well at times.  He is a block eater and i've seen many times where he can stand up two offensive lineman.  Just look at the man he is built from the ground up and by that I mean the guy has legs bigger around then me.   His body type just screams 3-4 DE he is short strong as a bull and is pretty heavy. 

Dorsey also has this body type but is a bit leaner in the upper body which isn't a big deal because he stays low and uses his strong legs.  Tyson Jackson hasn't looked good at times in part to who is behind him at LB.   Dorsey is great don't get me wrong I think he's a top 10 3-4 DE, but he has Tamba Hali and DJ behind him to make plays. 

Now let's look at Jackson's side of the ball well there is my least favorite player, ok I totally hate the man, Javon Belcher and then you have Al Davis oh my bad I mean Mike Vrabel.  I want to replace both of them mainly Belcher because you can find plenty of pass rushing or run stopping OLB's but SILB's are hard to find.  Tyson Jackson fills up blocks to set up our LB's for tackles only to have belcher get dragged 10 yards or Vrabel to get tossed aside like a Raiders coach.  Also tyson has had games where nobody on the field could handle him specially one on one like in both San Diego games.

You wonder why Tamba looked so damn good this year?  It's partly because are DE play was by far the best it's been in years.  Between Smith, Dorsey, Jackson, and Gilberry we had a legit combo of DE's now NT was a whole different ball game.  I promise if you put a solid to great NT between Dorsey and Jackson teams won't be able to run up the middle on you or to the left side.

Now the right side( offfensive right)  teams will kill us if we don't replace Belcher and Vrabel with atleast solid players.  Don't try and tell me Belcher is solid or that Studebaker is up and coming cause they aren't they are just feel good stories.  Neither will help us achive are goal of being a SB team.  Look at Pitt, Baltimore, and NE and show me one of there LB's that couldn't come into the Chiefs and start aside from trying to tell me there is actually a difference between SILB and WILB cause it's pretty much the same if somebody is good enough. 

We need help on Dfence in two main places.  Those are pass rushing and run stopping.  I know pretty open but I mean specifically somebody not names Tamba to get around 10 sacks a year or more.  Also I mean a NT that eats Centers and Guards for breakfast kinda like the teams that killed us have.  I don't care much how we fill those needs just as long as we do. 

If we draft both that's fine or if we just find a 350 pound guy sitting outside the stadium that for some reason can play that's cool too.  But back to Tjax, he is not a problem he showed vast improvement last year even with the Knee problem.  He will have a major jump in preformance this year Ipromise, specially if he get's some LB's behind him who got game.   

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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