CBA talks thread anyone? Hell no! That’s so last week and well overplayed like any Lady GaGa song… We have all vented, cursed, argued the two sides points of view, and taken sides or blamed both yada yada yada… So I thought I liven up the AP (or Junk it up given the lack of writing abilities) and write a Post on the upcoming Draft. Draft talk always great, and let’s face it the only thing that’s a certainty right now as far as the NFL goes..

     As we say in the Airborne community.. Stand Up .. Hook Up.. And Shuffle out the door out the Door … with me through the jump…




     With the East-West Game and Senior bowl a distant memory and the combine fading fast in the rear view mirror the only news, IMO, that’s really catching our eyes in the Pro Days. What I find most intriguing is the fact that a Pro day drastically changes the perception of how a player will be drafted from a 2nd rounder to a mid first. Cam Newton is a perfect example going from 2nd round to top ten to possible 1st overall. 

     Another example is Blaine Gabbert the now long haired Tom Brady impersonator whom I remembered during week 16 of the season was a projected 2nd round in a few Mock Drafts and now he’s squeezed his way into some #1 overall selected. The best example is Nick Fairley the Pitt Bull from Auburn; he killed at the BCS Championship game and his stock took off like a rocket ship which has now settled somewhere in the top 5 pick. It’s hard to keep track and definitely hard to speculate what will happen come Draft Day for the other 31 teams so I will not even make that attempt.

     Instead I have focus on the Chiefs, as I assume 99.99% of all readers on AP do as well. In a nut shell this year’s Draft is exciting. It’s so amazing how the pieces of the puzzle have just fit together and have started meshing well. Granted its 1 season of play but the philosophy of home grown players, The "Right 53" (over used but understood) definitely makes for a better core than over paid FA’s used as duct tape to make a post season run.


After reading the Articles of whom the Chiefs are speaking with I have deducted two things:

1.      We have no clue who we are going with in the 21st selection


2.      We are definitely doing our research on the late to UDFA’s to quite possibly build a funnel of players to create competition in the OTA’s and Roster Spots.


     The only certainly I have in this draft is we will draft the following positions, don’t know when, don’t know where, all I know is WHY. And I believe who we are talking to at Pro-days now and who we will draft are connected. This is who we will replace in the Draft.








Center - Casey Wiegmann came back for another season and beat out his incumbent. He’s a good player and fan favorite but he’s 37 and not the future of the Anchor Spot on the offensive line. My money is on him retiring.









Outside Linebacker - Mike Vrable is a great leader and a great linebacker (in his prime). This Season he had 48 tackles and ZERO Sacks. He is 35 years old. He is done and I hope the Chiefs hire him as a LB coach. I hope he retires, I love him but it’s time to fill the void and Studebaker is not the solution.









Free Safety – Jon McGraw, he had 39 tackles and 2 INT’s but he’s 31 years old and his play did show. The back field is for the fast youngsters and now is the time to get a replacement.  We need a stud to replace him. Doing so will damn near complete the Secondary for a considerable amount of time.








GuardBrian Waters another legacy player whom I believe has been around since the last time we were in the playoffs and lost. He is a great guy and a positive influence on the Locker room and community BUT he is 11 seasons deep and is now 34 years old. As a core piece of the offensive line he needs to have a replacement – immediately.  








Defensive Tackle - Ron Edwards had 26 tackles and 2 sacks this year, that’s great for his consistent play as a mediocre NT. The man has 10 seasons and at 31 years of age there isn’t enough WD-40 to grease another great mediocre year out of him. His spot is the Anchor on the Defensive Line.






(thanks steve_chiefs)

Quarterback -    Brodie " Brokie" Croyle.... what can I say 0-10 as a starter. The once hailed future of the franchise crumbled and fell on 10 separate occasions as the Prime Man under center. He's 28 years old and without a contract. He won’t be optioned for another contract. A buddy of mine told me about the philosophy of Alabama and Quarterback's...

“We produce NFL Defensive players and nice Running backs and Wideouts, our quarterbacks are just what they are Collegiate Quarterbacks not Pro’s”...

FYI: The Last great QB to come from Alabama : Joe “ Broadway Joe” Namath…


     On our roster these players are the double digit guys. These players are the old guard that need to be replaced. These 6 positions need upgrade now. Not through free Agency (whenever the hell that is) but true talent that can be drafted and start from Day 1. 

     I believe we will draft these positions and I can also see a lot of invites to Undafted Free Agents in these positions as well.  If you read all of the places we have visited on the Pro-days and the specific players that have been highlighted you can see a trend of Position and their projected draft round. The vast majority of players are of the Positions I have listed above and the majority of them are projected 5th round to Un-drafted players.


     Thats all from me on the Draft in this post. Tell me what  you guys think and who we will draft to replace these 6 players. For what is it worth I have my own 2 cents on who we will pick up:

C -Jake Kirkpatrick - TCU

Projected - 3-5 round

G-  John Moffit - Wisconsin

Projected - 3-4 round

NT- Jerrell Powe - Ole Miss

Projected - 3-4 round

OLB- Brooks Reed - Arizona

Projected - 1-2 round

FS -  Quinton Carter - Oklahoma

Projected - 2-3 round

QB -  Andy Dalton - TCU

Projected - 2-3 round

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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