Building a Beast: The Ultimate Mock off season

Sometimes I wonder why people like me don't wind up as NFL GM's, I write stuff like this all the time and ALL the players I say the Chiefs should pick end up being really good on other teams, except for the ones that don't. If I were the GM I would shout right into Clark Hunts face; "The Chiefs can easily fill all of their positions of need with one draft and a solid go in free agency, don't believe me? Well, let's first look at our needs!!!!!!!"

LT: Obviously Branden Albert is not the solution here, he's terrible and needs to be moved to RT, where he can dethrone Ryan O'Callaghan who didn't play well as a starter last year.

QB: Let's face it Matt Cassel sucks and we need to cut him before we swallow his huge contract this year for another year of inferiority.

FB: Mike Cox sucks too, and Tim Castille is a TE playing FB.

WR: Dwayne Bowe is ok, but we need someone to start across of him or were going to suck at running the ball.

RB: Ok Thomas Jones was only the 20th RB in the NFL last year and we obviously need someone who is top 10 to compliment the #2 RB in the NFL, so I'm going to assume we cut him

NT: This is an obvious one, Ron Edwards sucked all year last year and Shaun Smith was too afraid to play NT so he played DE instead.

C: Casey Weigmann also sucks, he's old and much too effective and reliable to exist in our system for even one more year.

LOLB: Mike Vrabel talked bad about the NFL, and Andy Studebaker sucks big time, he's a ST only player. 

ILB: Derrick Johnson is playing out of position but he's ok for now, we need to focus on getting Jovan Belcher off the field. He's a DE playing ILB!!!! That doesn't even make sense!! We need to replace him no matter what, he sucked last year and he's an UdFA on the Chiefs therefore can never amount to anything. 

FS: Jon McGraw started all year last year and we have nothing to replace him. We need to draft a FS or the deep field will be wide open. 

okay (since I know this will be front paged) click over the jump to see the rest of my plan 


  1. We trade Brodie Croyle to the Cardinals for a second round pick and a compensatory 2012 pick. Larry Fitzgerald gets to play with an elite talent and Kansas City gets proper compensation
  2. We trade Mike Cox and Brian Waters to the Bills for their 1st and 3rd round picks. Brian Waters is obviously the reason why we got the first, but we throw in Cox and get a third instead of a fifth.
  3. We trade Leonard Pope to Carolina Panthers for a 4th rounder. We get jipped a little bit, but the Panthers get the TE that hasn't existed there for years. A little thank you to Ron Rivera for leaving the Chargers
  4. We trade Brandon Carr to the Browns along with our 2012 5th and we get their 2011 first rounder. Celeveland is desperate for a CB but will probably miss out on Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara. So they go with a sure thing. The Chiefs can now start Javier Arenas at the #2 position.
  5. We trade Thomas Jones to the Jets for Shonne Green and their 2nd round pick. It's pretty obvious that the Jets miss Thomas Jones, look how much their running game fell off. Now we get Shonne Green to clear up a roster space for them so they can have an elite backfield of LT and TJ. They throw in a 2nd because Shonne Green sucks and is a huge disappointment.
  6. We trade Matt Cassel to the Vikings for their first and third round picks. The Vikings are only one piece away from being a superbowl team, they add a sure thing in Matt Cassel and give us a 3rd to say sorry that they jipped us in the Jared Allen trade. 
  7. We trade Wallace Gilberry and Shaun Smith to the Broncos for their first round pick. As we all know Wallace Gillberry is a solid player, sadly we don't have room for him on our roster, the Broncos are in desperate need of defensive line help so we throw in Shaun Smith, who we all know is a scaredy cat, and we get a first instead of a second. 
  8. We sign Larry Johnson and Plaxico Burress and trade them along with Tyler Palko (who looked like a stud in San Diego) to Cincinnati for their first round pick. Pioli works some magic here and convinces Marvin Lewis this is a good idea and that if nobody takes these players under their wing, their at a high risk of going to jail. Plus it fills areas of need for them so it's a win win. 
  9. We trade Romeo Crennel to the 49ers for their first and third this year and a 5th with escalators in 2012. Everyone knows that you can't just promote your entire college staff to the pro's and expect to win like that. The 49ers get some veteran coaching help and we get some decent compensation. 
so after some reasonable trades we end up with: 
  • 7 first round picks
  • 3 second round picks
  • 4 third round picks
  • 2 fourth round picks 
  • 2 fifths and
  • 1 seventh round pick
That's 19 picks, just like that.  So click over the jump (cuz I know this will be on the super front page) and see how I would use them. 


The Draft

we trade a second third and fourth to Carolina for the first overall pick, then we trade a second third and fourth to the Cardinals for their first round pick. Now we have 9 first round picks!

1. Cam Newton, QB/RB/TE, Auburn

We fill the need at QB right off the bat with the most talented player in the draft. Newton is also very versatile so he's a part of the "right 53," as he can play QB, RB, AND TE.

 Now we don't need to draft a #2 RB because between Newton and Shonne Green we have a solid compliment to Jamaal Charles. HE can also compliment Tony Moeaki as a TE if needs be.

1. Von Miller, DE/OLB, 

Another versatile "right 53" player. MIller can play DE and OLB. Also he's going to be the next Derrick Thomas so we need him in Kansas City because it sucks not having DT around anymore. With a MIller signing we'll complete half the roster of the NFLPA.

1. A.J Green, WR, Georgia

Green slips a little bit because we decided to draft Newton and Miller ahead of him but we scoop him up just in time to make sure we don't steal him from ourselves. Green instantly becomes the best #2 Wr in the league and helps Cam Newton transition to a pro style offense.

1. Tyron Smith, OT, USC

Smith played his whole career at RT but we need to take him because he's already better than Branden Albert and allows him to slide to his natural position at RT. Smith has never been arested and is a team captain. instaright53.

1. JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin

we reach a little bit here but it's obvious Tyson Jackson is a bust, he's also fat. So Watt steps in and is instantly better than Jackson, who now moves to NT because he gained so much weight. 

1. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

We get a steal and nab Julio Jones in the top 10. This allows us to trade Dwayne Bowe to the Ravens for a 2nd round pick and Haloti Ngata

1.  Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

a solid Nickel cornerback that can allow us to move Javier Arenas to his more natural position as a #2CB. He can also play FS in case Jon McGraw continues to suck. Team Captain

1. Prince Amukamara, FS, Nebraska

Amukamara can come in and play any position in the secondary so he brings that "right 53" versatility that Scott Pioli likes. He's an instant upgrade over Jon McGraw. 

1. Martez Wilson, ILB, Illinois

Wilson rounds out our front 7 and we get the best ILB in the draft near the bottom of the first.

2. Stephen Winewski, OC/G, Penn State

We don't draft Wisnewski in the first because the last two Penn State first rounders for the Chifs ended up as huge busts. But we see him available right before the Raiders pick and trade up to solidify our now more than solid offensive line. We trade away our third and our two fifths to grab the best Center in the draft.

7. Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama

We pick up the next Tom Brady with this pick. Plus he's an Alabama player so we have even more of a reason to draft him.


Free Agency


  • DeAngelo Williams, RB: Should be cheap because the Panthers don't like him. New regimes mean new RB's. He'll be a solid power back to compliment Charles/Newton/Green
  • LeRon MCClain, FB: Should be pretty cheap because FB's are a dying breed in the NFL.
  • Zach Miller, TE: A solid option to replace Leonard Pope. Should come cheap too because he got injured this one time.
  • Nmandi Asomugha, CB: Okay we over pay a little bit but he gives us a discount so that he can play against the Raiders twice a year. This allows us to trade Brandon Flowers to the NYJ's for Rex Ryan and their 2012 3rd. 
  • Brandon Mebane, NT: Mebane is my little secret. It seems like the Seahawks owner is going to let him walk because he's poor, so he signs with us to get revenge by playing for a former rival. He should be cheap because he's not popular.
  • Stephen Tulloch, ILB: We overpay for Tulloch so we can finally replace the injury prone out of position Derrick Johnson. We could cut Johnson because he sucks, but we trade him to the University of Florida for Charlie Weis and his son. Johnson should be able to dominate at the collegiate level 
  • Adam Vinatieri, K: As we all know, Ryan Succop.... Well, sucks. We sign Vinatieri because he has a Pioli connection and will kick us the game winning field goal in the super bowl. WHOOPS did I just say that? No.. Because I typed it. 
  • Kurt Warner, QB:we need a veteran to help Cam Newton become the greatest QB that ever lived. Kurt Warner loves Todd Haley and agrees to come back because his stint with "The Suite Life on Deck" failed miserably.
  • Randy Moss: Pioli is the one that brought him to New England so we pick up Moss to help tutor AJ Green how to behave on the field. 
Now to see our depth chart, go ahead and click over the jump (because I know this is going to be on the Megatron front page)




Cam Newton/ Kurt Warner

Charles/ Williams/ Green/ McCluster/ Newton | LeRon McClain


WR's: Randy Moss | Julio Jones(slot) | AJ Green

Line: Tyron Smith | Jon Asomoah | Stephen Wisnewski | Ryan Lilja | Branden Albert 

TE's: Tony Moeaki | Zach Miller



D line: JJ Watt |  Haloti Ngata/ Brandon Mebane | Glen Dorsey

 Linebackers: Tamba Hali | Martez Wilson | Stephen Tulloch | Von Miller 

Corners: Nnmandi Asomugha | Patrick Peterson(Nickel) |  Javier Arenas

Safties: Eric Berry | Prince Amukamara


Special Teams

K: Adam Vinatieri/ Ryan Succop

P: Dustin Colquitt

KR/PR : Dexter McCluster 


after the jump (Cuz I know this will be on the Thorman exclusive front page) I'll give you my final thoughts



How may of you wouldn't want a team with this much youth and talent? We would be unstoppable but Pioli is just to afraid to pull the trigger on a trade for some reason!? Well AP tell me how awesome you think I am.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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