If The Chiefs Had The Same Injuries As The Packers

[From the FanPosts. Good post idea and research by reader danmang. -Joel]

I was recently thinking how the Chiefs would have performed this season if they had the same number of injured reserve players as the Packers and who would have replaced them,  Obviously, there would have been guys picked off the streets, but I am just assuming they were currently with the team. 

The Packers had 15 players that appeared on the injured reserve list to end the season.

Ryan Grant HB, Nick Barnett LB, Josh Bell CB, Morgan Burnett S, Brandon Chillar LB, Jermichael Finley TE, Justin Harrell DE, Spencer Havner TE,  Brad Jones LB, Derrick Martin S, Mike Neal DE, Marshall Newhouse G/T, Brady Poppinga LB, Anthony Smith S, Mark Tauscher T.  

If the Chiefs had these injuries, I compared the Packers' projected depth chart and that would be the injury for the Chiefs.  For example, since Ryan Grant was first on the depth chart, Thomas Jones would be the injured one.  (This is debatable with Jamal Charles, but I decided to use Thomas Jones since he was always first on the depth chart.)  I hope this makes sense as I continue to explain who would have been hurt.  

To replace Jones, it would obviously be Jackie Battle.  I think if Battle saw the field more, he could be productive, but who knows.  This is not a bad replacement.

Nick Barnett was a starter at inside linebacker,  Derrick Johnson would be the one who would be out here.  Johnson improved drastically as all Chiefs fans saw and this would have been a huge drop off.  Demorrio Williams would be the one who would replace him.  Being a previous starter, Williams has experience, but I do not know if it would have been the right fit for 3-4 defense being out there all the time.

Josh Bell would have been deep down in the depth chart at defensive back.  I would compare him to if Travis Daniels got injured.  This is not as significant as the other injuries, but still some one would have been picked off the street.  

Morgan Burnett would be considered as a back up safety who saw significant time behind the starter, Atari Bigby.  I think I would compare this to Jon McGraw.  As the season went on, Kendrick Lewis saw much more time when he was not injured, but McGraw saw much time as well.  That is why I would compare him to Burnett.  Langford would replace him most likely.  Burnett would have saw the field a lot in nickel and dime packages I believe. 

Brandon Chillar was a back up inside linebacker, but would see the field more than a typical linebacker because of the 3-4 defense.  I would compare him to a Corey Mays.  Even though, Mays hardly saw the field, it is the only backup inside linebacker the Chiefs had so that is why this is the comparison.  I think Justin Cole would have been active and been the replacement here.  

Jermichael Finley was the starter at the tight end position.  This would compare him to Tony Moeaki.  Even though, Pope was listed as the starter, all Chief fans know Moeaki was the true starter and Finley and Moeaki compare better.  Thus, Pope would be the one to replace him.  I always thought highly of Pope because of his size, but I guess he just is not.  

Justin Harrell was a backup defensive end.  I would compare him to Wallace Gilberry.  It seems like Harrell would come in passing downs like Gilberry did for the Chiefs.  I don't know who would have replaced him here.  There would have been a signing off the street or Torribio would have been active more and try to fit in at the end position even though he was a defensive tackle.  There could have also just been a 3 man rotation with Jackson, Dorsey, and Smith.

Spencer Havner was the 3rd tight end of the Packers before going down with injuries.  This would compare him to Jake O'Connell of the Chiefs.  To replace him, the Chiefs would have signed one off the street since (assuming) Moeaki went down like stated earlier.  Pope would have been the only tight end on the roster if this all happens.  Cody Slate would have been promoted from the practice squad most likely, but a signing would have occurred as well.  

Brad Jones would have actually been a starter as an outside linebacker.  This would compare to Mike Vrabel.  I would not compare him to Tamba Hali because Clay Matthews would be the one that would compare to him by both being pass rushing linebackers.  Andy Studebaker would have replaced Vrabel, which most Chief fans want to see anyway.

Derrick Martin was a good special teams player and a third string safety.  I guess I would compare him to Ricky Price.  Price was not too bad of a special teams player I thought.  To replace Price, I would have to go with Reshard Langford who is already replacing McGraw.  This would be a problem and a free agent safety would most likely have been signed.  I do not know if Langford would have been the special teams player as Price, but who knows.

Mike Neal was a rookie defensive end so who knows where he would have been.  He would have been a backup as well.  This one is too hard to compare because there are only 4 defensive ends on the roster.  I guess I would compare him to Tyson Jackson??  This is not a great comparison, but I did not know what else to do.  Some one would have come off the streets to replace him most likely to be another backup.  

Marshall Newhouse would have been a backup along the offensive line.  I would compare him to Jon Asomoah Asomoah was the first back up to come in if some one went down.  Asomoah is a versatile player like Newhouse seemed to be.  To replace him, I would go with Darryl Harris.  Asomoah is a much better player than Harris obviously.  

Brady Poppinga would have been competing for a starting outside linebacker position.  I would compare him to Andy Studebaker who would be starting because of Vrabel's injuries.  In this case, Charlie Anderson would had to come in to replace them both and start.

Anthony Smith was not even a member of the roster until all the injuries occurred so I have no clue what to do here.  I would just go with a random guy off the streets the Chiefs picked up because of the injuries.  

The last injured reserve player was Mark Tauscher.  He would have been a projected starting tackle.  I would compare him to Brandon Albert.  To replace Albert, it would have to be O'Callaghan.  

How would the Chiefs do if this happened?  I think the season would have been very different assuming all this happened.  There would be less depth than there already was along with big time contributors out such as Thomas Jones, Tony Moeaki, Derrick Johnson along with others mentioned.  In my prediction, if this happened, the Chiefs would have not made the playoffs at all.  There are too many big time players out and I don't think any of their replacements would have been as productive as the Packers guys were, but who knows.  Matt Cassel is also not Aaron Rodgers and the Chiefs do not have the talent at receivers as they do. The team would have won 6 to 8 games if these injuries occurred and no playoffs.

As you can see, this was very difficult to predict who would be the one getting injured and who would be the replacement.  I did the best I could and would like to get some reaction and opinions.  This is also my first fanpost here as well. 

For your amusement, if the Chiefs made the Super Bowl and the same thing happened.  The Chiefs would have been without Brandon Flowers, Javier Arenas, and I guess Chris Chambers???  I do not know who the second receiver would have been if this happened.  

Thanks for reading.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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