Rolling up my Sleeves!


The state of Chiefs fandom lately has me a little concerned.

Let us start out with the obvious.

Some Chiefs fans seriously wanted to fire Todd Haley and hire Jeff Fisher.  Never mind Jeff Fisher’s qualifications or disqualifications. The idea of firing Todd Haley after what he has done for the Chiefs is as ridiculous as letting Matt Cassel get on stage and sing The Backstreet Boys (seriously who let that happen.) 


First of all, Jeff Fisher has won exactly the same amount of Super Bowls as Todd Haley… Zero.   Secondly, he runs a 4-3 defense; you think he is going to change that because he comes to Kansas City.  Third, and most important, there are children in Kansas City and you cannot trust a man with a mustache around children.




Next we have Jamaal Charles and Tamba Hali not getting any votes.

Of course I am referring to them not getting any votes in the Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year awards. While this was not exactly a travesty, it should give Kansas City Homers a reason to throw a fit. The Kansas City Chiefs finally get one player on each side of the ball that is amongst the best in the league.  Then the voters say Meh, maybe next year, what kind of asinine respect is that.  Jamaal Charles had the second best YPC in the history of the league, and Tamba Hali was in the face of every QB he faced, just ask Peyton Manning’s blood.  As Chiefs fans, homer or skeptical you should feel disrespected by those voters.  Most of you AP know-it-alls are intelligent; use some of those brains to recognize that the lack of respect shown to the Chiefs is not something we should just shrug off.  Arrowhead Pride has power in Kansas City and a voice; don’t forget that if we speak as a whole about any issue it will be heard.  Where do you think 610, 810, and Josh Looney get their news from?




Charlie Weis…

Let me start this portion off by saying Jason Whitlock is a tool of epic proportions. He single handedly led the charge on Haley being egotistical and hard to work with, and I would not be sad if he drowned in a pool of BBQ sauce in the California sun.  The Homer in me believes that when Charlie Weis signed on to be a Chief, he told Haley and Pioli about the possibility of him going back to the college ranks at Texas for his son.  Then the Florida thing threw a wrench in the works, maybe there was some venom between Haley and Weis (we will never know.)  My thought is this, the timing was bad. The Chiefs had no intention of letting anyone know about this until after the playoffs.  When Florida came ‘a’ calling, Charlie came ‘a’ answering, this screwed up everything.  The media, especially Whitlock tore this story apart and created a fire storm of drama that had more BS then Nebraska pastures.  The aftermath is where we are now, a team seeking another OC, and Haley getting the retarded tag that he is hard to work for.  The biggest crock of crap since Whitlock himself.



Todd Haley not winning Coach of the Year

Anyone who read my opinions yesterday on the subject already know how I feel.

So I will keep this short.

 The Chiefs turned a 4-12 team into division Champion. Not a Division Champion into a Division Champion.

The Patriots had one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time
The Chiefs had the back up of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time (Steve Bono’ish)

The Patriots had veterans that have played in Super Bowls
The Chiefs have players that watched the Super Bowl on TV and Mike Vrabel, Ryan Lilja, Matt Cassel.

The Patriots have maybe the second greatest coach of all time.
The Chiefs have a second year coach.

The Patriots have a feared reputation
The Chiefs were a laughing stock.

The Patriots have the one of the best NT’s in the league
The Chiefs have Ron Edwards.

I have much more feelings and opinions on Todd Haley coming in third and I would be more than happy to share them with you.  Though you can just read about Belichicks victory to see all of my viewpoints, I am always more than willing to tell you how I feel.

Flocking towards free agency.

There is no CBA.  Therefore, there is no free agency.  Everyone keeps saying we can pick this person up in FA, or do this in FA before the draft.  Unless there is a new CBA it is not going to happen at all.  The Chiefs and every other team in the league need to throw all of their eggs into the draft basket.  That is the only option people.  We draft for absolute need, and then hope that free agency will come to feed the rest.  There really is no other option unless a new CBA is struck.

The Chiefs core players and the strength of schedule in 2011

There are 22 players on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.  This past year the Chiefs had six Pro Bowlers if you count Hali, which I do.  If you add Brandon Flowers, Glenn Dorsey, Derrick Johnson, Brandon Albert, and Ryan Lilja to that mix you have 50% of the on field team that can play at a Pro Bowl level.  That is not including any rookies or FA that may become Chiefs in 2011(if there is Free Agency.)  I bring this up because all of the negative Nancy’s out there seem to suggest that the Chiefs will not be able to handle their schedule (maybe so.) However, I feel the Chiefs have ample opportunity to improve. They have a candidate for offensive and defensive player of the year in 2010 and maybe 11 Pro Bowl caliber players.  Call me stupid, but I say that is pretty good. 

So that is enough ranting for me, for now.

Your Kansas City Chiefs are going places.  Stop spending 55 hours a week looking at Arrowhead Pride just to tell people how wrong they are about the Chiefs being any good.  Channel your inner KCPorkchop and drink some Kool-Aid it tastes freakin’ great. 

Eric Berry looks like he is going to be the best Safety in the NFL for the next ten years. 

Jamaal Charles is already legendary in the NFL and is only going to get better.

Matt Cassel will either show us all, or fall flat.

Dwayne Bowe may become Larry Fitz 2.0

Tamba Hali is a beast equipped with the TambaHawk

Brandon Flowers is going to be the best CB in the league soon.

Dustin Colquitt is going to be a Pro Bowler when Al Davis runs off Shane to the NFC.

Dexter and Javier are going to explode in 2011.

Shaun Smith is going to pull on some…



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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