My Shot at Expanding the Season

This is not a traditional idea of 18 games in the regular season. I kind-of started thinking about ways to generate revenue by putting on more games in the NFL season, without expanding to 18 games and losing 2 preseason games. One of the articles on here mentioned Matt Birk giving his idea so I sort of stole the concept and tried to find a way to make it work. So, here is how I would negotiate.

First, I would start with no changes right now, with big changes coming. Theres no way they would be able to make this happen this coming season, but they can always write up something into the contract giving the NFL a deadline to get this done.

So, here it goes..








Plan to expand the league by 2 teams. LA SEEMS to be looking for a team. I know this because I work for Farmers Insurance, and found out they signed a 30 year Naming Rights contact for the next LA Football stadium. I'm assuming that means LA is putting peices together to make a run at getting a team. I never saw anything about this in the news until I actually looked it up after hearing about it at work.

Instead of having a team relocate, why not expand? I'm sure they could find another city and an investor who would like to build a stadium and get an NFL team. OR..I'll take a quote from that article..

They did not reveal terms of the pact, but sources told that it is worth $700 million over 30 years, making it the largest naming rights agreement. Sources also said the deal could be worth $1 billion if the stadium were to attract more than one NFL team.

2 teams in LA? I highly, HIGHLY doubt it, but you know...never say never. 34 teams, 17 teams per conference. The big flaw I run into here is 1 division in each conference would have 1 extra team

Keep the 4 game preseason. If its reduced, make it 3 preseason games. 2 is too few. 16 game season. Each week of the season, you have 1 additional game since you've added 2 more teams, so of course the NFL generates a little more revenue during the 17 week regular season, than they have in the past.

7 teams from each conference make the playoffs, with Seed #6 and #7 from each conference having a "play in" game. (much like the play-in game for the 64th seed in March Madness). I like this idea because you arent seeing half the league in the playoffs. I hate that about the NBA. 16 playoff teams in a league of 30 teams. Dont get me started..

Now, if they were to do so, it would/could expand your post season by 1 week. 1 weekend has 2 games (the 2 play in games), the next weekend has your standard wild card weekend, which the winners move on to play the #1 and #2 seeds who earned a bye week.

Flaw here is that Seeds #1 and #2 would essentially have 2 bye weeks. The only remedy I can think of is having the #1 and #2 seed's play each other one of those weeks to determine Home Field Advantage for the playoffs. If #1 seed loses, they swap places with the #2 seed and lose HFA.


34 teams

3-4 week preseason,

16 game regular season, 17 games per week. Leave Bye weeks the same (4 teams per week) this way you still have 1 additional game playing each week. Of course one of those weeks would feature only 2 teams on a bye.

#1 and #2 seeds play First Round of Playoffs to determine HFA

#6 and #7 seeds play First Round of Playoffs to make the wild card round.

Wild-card weekend, divisional weekend, and conference championship weekend stay the same. That gives us 4 weeks of Playoffs until the big game.


Pro Bowl (move the damn pro bowl to AFTER the Superbowl so that Probowler's on Superbowl teams can actually enjoy the luxury of playing in a pro bowl, which they earned in the first place.

Has its flaws, but just another idea to throw out there. Adds 3 additional playoff games, and 1 regular season game per week to generate revenue for the league. I'm not sure what the Owners are currently getting from the revenue pie, but It should be moved closer to 50%.



Could possibly go with 8 playoff teams if they expand to 34 teams. The first round of the playoffs could be divided into 2 weekends. 3vs6 and 4vs5 from each conference on the 1st weekend, then 1vs8 and 2vs7 from each conference the following weekend. Then for Divisional round you would have 1vs4 and 2vs3 from each conference. 3rd weekend would be the 1vs2 Conference Championship. This of course keeps the 3 week playoff before the Superbowl. I'm just rambling and so on..I'm just going to post this now before I decide not to. Maybe I should have decided not to. This whole idea thing is ridiculous..leave the NFL the way it is except for the rookie payscale and bring back the damn salary cap.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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