What would you do if the Chiefs traded this guy?



We had a similar fanpost not long ago by SCKSChief called "The Long-Term" that spawned from a conversation with SCKS and dubld. The notion has been giving me fits. I haven't been able to let it go. I was vehemently opposed in the beginning. No way we trade one of the leagues best pass-rushers for a couple of picks! Thats ludicrous! Now I find myself thinking about it more and more...and its getting less and less ludicrous every day.


I'm intrigued that Hali was given the "non-exclusive tag." That means the Chiefs can listen to offers, have the opportunity to match, and/or make a trade preferable to both parties involved. Or they can just sign Hali at their leisure.This leaves me boggled though. Why haven't they resigned him yet? They jumped on signing Charles, so where's the love for Tamba? Are they just waiting for the CBA? Or are they legitimately interested in hearing offers?

That left me with room for one of our favorite words here: SPECULATION. I've been speculating on this idea since SCKS and dubld started throwing it around. Obviously the trading partner would most likely be New England. Shocker right?



Actually, thats the Shocker. A staple in Marvel' Spiderman Universe.

Of course there are other teams that could feasibly manage this trade. The Buc's, Falcons, Saints, and Giants all need help at OLB. But the only team on this list that seems capable of making a play for Hali, is the Falcons. I'm not so sure they could pay the asking price in terms of picks. Or want to for that matter considering their other needs overall.

New England naturally seems like the best fit. They have the luxury of being a strong team. The picks in place for this trade to unfold. And the very real need of a strong pass-rushing threat like Hali at OLB.

That thought caused other questions to surface though. Would NE actually spend top picks to make this happen? What kind of offer would they submit to make Pioli let this deal unfold? Or, my personal favorite...who would we take in the 2011 Draft or FA to replace Hali?

Amazing how one little idea sparks the imagination...



My problem is the poster (as seen above). The quote I mean! Bunch of dirty minds on this site, just ridiculous.

Is this idea possible, or just a pipe-dream? Is trading one of our best defensive players (and our only real viable pass-rushing threat), worth at least 2 high picks? Which picks would we get? Who would replace Hali? What would our draft look like?


For one, this trade is possible. Pioli gave the non-exclusive tag for a reason. Very much the same as Ryan Kalilfor Carolina. Both teams are interested in retaining their respective players, but both teams know they have many needs to fill across the board. For the right price, they could have a shot at filling (and adding depth), to several key positions, while strengthening the team' core and infusing it with youth. The result? Those teams benefit over the "Long-Term."

Do you think losing a hand stopped this guy from being a badass?



OF COURSE NOT. Just because we lose something, doesn't mean we can't replace it with a chainsaw and kick medieval ass!


If New England deals, we're looking at possibly their #17 and #74 overall picks. Before one of you brains says it, I'm well aware that no trades can happen until a new CBA is in place. Thats why this is called: SPECULATION. Hypothetically speaking, IF we managed those picks, here is what our draft could look like:

1a. Akeem Ayers OLB

1b. Gabe Carimi OT

2.   Brooks Reed OLB

3a. Sione Fua NT

3b. John Moffitt C/G

4.   Richard Sherman FS

5a. Mark Herzlich ILB

5b. Andy Dalton QB

6.   Allen Bradford RB

7.   Your guess is as good as mine



This is purely speculative on my part, but this Draft looks solid and addresses several major needs. I didn't grab a WR because I feel its a position that should be addressed in FA. Breaston or Smith are my hopefuls. If Aldon Smith is available pick him over Ayers period! But Ayers is accomplished in pass-coverage and stopping the run, so I'm not going to hen-pick.

The reuniting of Carimi and Moffitt would be sick. I would love this like you can't even imagine. We would have one of the most prolific rushing offenses in the league. EVER. Ayers, Reed, and Fua are all solid picks at their respective positions. They would give us a much needed boost across the front 7 and build us towards a brighter tomorrow.

Herzlich is one of the most intriguing and intelligent players in the game. His sharp, instinctive mind, lets him diagnose plays quickly, and he is also very strong against the run. To get him in the 5th would be a terrific value. Especially if he returns to his former self and regains his lateral foot-speed. May never happen, either way he would be incredible playing next to DJ IMO.

Dalton is great depth at QB, I hope they add another QB in FA too. Sherman is an outstanding FS that is able to play both CB AND FS. Versatile. And he had a great Senior Bowl to boot. Bradford is a beast of a back, and behind our OL, it wouldn't matter if it was Gary Coleman running the ball. Shaun Smith could get a 1000k season behind Albert, Waters, Moffitt, Lilja, Carimi. Again...sick.

If this is the kind of return we could potentially receive for the trade of a single have to ask the juice worth the squeeze?



Why yes...I think it is. =) Happy Hump Day! Please feel free to leave your hate mail by the wayside and give me some feedback thats more coherent than, "this is stupid and so are you." Man up! Give me some reasons why I'm stupid at least.

NOTE: dubld let me in on the secret that the Pats may not be able to afford Hali due to the cap and several hefty contracts they're carrying. This is a very real possibility, but I was already almost done with this post so I'm publishing it anyway and hoping if theres a way, theres a will...or vice versa...either way, I'm out. PEACE 






This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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