offseason moves that could actually happen!!

I have been reading a lot of these posts about the chiefs offseason and they all seem to have the same theme. None of them seem very likely and include all of the best players that most likely wont even leave their current  teams. So here is my wish list of who I think the chiefs should go after in free agency

First they need to slap tamba hali with the franchise tag. I know a lot of you probably wont agree but he wants to get paid demarcus ware money.asmuch as i love tamba im note sure if he is worth that. So sign him to the franchise tag this year and if he proves that he put up those types of numbers consistently then PAY THE MAN.

Here is my list of free agents that i would like the chiefs to take a look at:

(QB) Kellen Clemens- the chiefs need a solid back up to Cassel and i think he has the most upside is young and could be signed for a resonable price.

(WR) Santana Moss & Steve Smith- We need a lot of help at WR and i dont think the draft is the best way to fill that need. We need people that can contribute right away and I think these two could really take our offense to the next level. Picture that lineup: D Bowe, S. Smith, S. Moss, D. McCluster, T. Meoki, J. Charles.

(OT) Ryan Harris- As much as i hate the broncos i think that he would be a great pick up. He is young and has great upside. Could hold down the RT spot for a long time

(C) Ryan Kahil- This would be our big free agent signing! he is young and just made the probowl and to be honest i dont really want to spend our first round pick on a center( which is what i have been reading in a lot of the mock drafts) Sign Kahil!!!

(NT) Shawn Rodgers- I know that this isnt a pioli type of player but can we make an exception just once!! he is 31 and still has a few good years left sign him and draft a NT and let them split time to keep Rodgers healthy since he has a hard time staying on the field.

I know we cant sign them all but i can still dream. Tell me what you think!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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