Good teams change with the changing game.

We all are aware how rule changes have affected pro football. These changes are mostly related to television wanting more exciting games for the viewing audience. Some changes are made with the safety of players as a matter of concern. Some teams see advantages before others and exploit them. Many innovations come from football coaches who think outside the box. The ability to adjust to these changes by a teams staff show how good teams continue to stay good.

Having seen the Colt's evolve with Manning and the No-Huddle Offense and the power it gave it's offense was inspiring to other teams. In fact there has been talk of limiting it's use to the last 2 minutes of either half.  Maybe another rule to be marshalled in by the league to help parity.

I remember watching Hank Stram bring the moving pocket to the Chief's way back when to compensate for opponents ferocious pass rush. It proved very effective in the beginning giving our HOF QB Lenny Dawson a chance for his WR's to get open by negating the rush. Both teams took advantage of personnel to move forward to winning championships.

It seems to me the trend is toward having smaller players come in and use their agility to separate from db's. Remember the Dolphin's and the 2 Mark's-Clayton and Duper?  Back then it was big WR's and equally big db's. We have seen the slot guys become numero uno in some offenses like Welker did with NE.  We brought in Dex for a similar role. The last couple of years we have seen an upsurge of these mighty mites.  Hell, even Javy is a little guy. This draft has a couple more of the wee players in this year. It has been posted by some that we draft another. We will see. What we see is defenses trying to stay abreast defensively with 3 safeties and 2 down d-linemen.

Is this a new trend that is coming and is the Chief's leadership seeing this trend and trying to be on top of the change? Is it even a new trend?  We all have been exposed to rule changes and having quick agile smallish guys running patterns may be happening. No contact after 5 yards, supposedly, would seemingly give a greater advantage for these guys to get open.  If the No-Huddle Offense is not outlawed and you have a few scat backs or receivers on your club you may create an advantage that isn't being exploited in great numbers as of yet.

There is even a few teams that have scrambling qb's who run by design. This is a risky thing as you could lose your #1 qb. The wildcat was another trend, but has some teams moving to a qb who has ability to move the chains with his legs. While the game has mostly seen some of this before, such as the single wing offense, innovation of the old into the present sometimes brings an advantage, even temporarily.

There is a long list of these things that teams do to get an advantage. The 3-4 defense is another one. The West Coast Offense was another. Teams with innovative staffs who can envision an opportunity to propel them into the upper strata of the league are a great asset. I think Haley is such a coach, and am glad that he will be calling plays. However he will be limited by personnel who can make this happen. We really need a tackle who can pass block, and a receiver who can get open and then catch the ball for this to come into fruition.

No, I haven't forgotten the defense. This team has several needs and with our first pick anything is possible. I for one think a center is not a need in the first as Rudy is ok in that spot if Weig's retires. Sure pick a young center in the later rounds to groom and provide competition. But I don't see a young center like Pouncey of Pittsburg in this draft. I really do not see Asomoah going in at center as some are suggesting. We would have heard about him practicing there but not a word from what I remember.

Anyway, I believe that the team is getting better for real, not the usual over hyped b.s. that was the staple of Peterson.s era here. A little luck, a good draft and some innovative thinking could keep us in contention in our division. Go Chief's !!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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