Just returned from a trip back in time

The trip I took was a fascinating experience. I hope you don't mind that I am sharing it with you.

Last week, as I was reading thoughts about the upcoming Draft, I became curious about what it is like around here on draft day. I only found Arrowhead Pride about a month after the season started this year so I am pretty new around here. I found the draft posts so fascinating that I didn't stop there, I went on to see how AP reacted to other events that happened in the past. I decided to begin with how AP felt about the Changing of the Guard.

I didn't start with the post about Carl Peterson's resignation; I started in a reflection post two games before he resigned. There was a general sense of despondency and forced optimism in the comments of that post and the following posts. The team sucked. No one could argue against it but for some there was a hope of a miracle that maybe they didn't suck as much as it appeared that they did. Everyone seemed to be mostly on the same page though there were some disagreements about which part of the team sucked the least. It is crazy to look back and see just how bad the team really was.

When Carl Peterson's resignation was announced there was surprise, but most strongly- relief. I was expecting more happiness or vindictiveness, and while there were some of those emotions along with a bit of nostalgia the overwhelming feeling I got from the comments following the announcement was one of pure relief. Following the close of the season there was the nervousness of the GM search and some anger at how long it was taking which turned into triumph when the Chiefs won Pioli.

I enjoyed the comments during the absolute silence about the Head Coach search that followed the hiring Pioli. There was happy discussion about head coach options along with slight concern (with a dashing of hope) that Herm Edwards may be kept. The continued silence turned to worry as it lingered on. By the time the Head Coach was named the worry had been pushed aside. It seemed that the majority had figured out who the coach was going to be and AP as a collective had even preferred him. Following the change of the guard there was a general uplifted feel to the comments and posts. No one really knew what the future would bring, but at least it wasn't going to be same as the old.

The era of the following the off-season and season is amazing to follow when you know what is going to happen. You know when something someone says is completely right or completely wrong. And looking back at this time, I wouldn't suggest that any APers try to quit their day job and become psychics. From what I saw, there were very few people who were completely right and just as few who were completely wrong. I think there was a general feel of impatience at first. This wasn’t the turnaround everyone was wanting. There was worry that the new management wasn't any better than the old.  The front office was too silent about everything and the coach yelled too much. Maybe too high of expectations turned dark when things weren't turning around fast enough. Then there were the ones who were optimistic because through all the criticisms thrown up daily they could see the incremental progress that was taking shape. The house wasn’t only being gutted so it could be remodeled, but being torn down to the base.

Looking back, I am not sure how anyone could seriously have expected a whole lot of success. Through the off-season and even during the season itself there were constant major changes being made. Haley didn't only churn the roster, he packed it in a barrel and threw it over Niagara Falls. Multiple times. And it wasn't only the players, the coaches weren't safe either. Somehow I had completely forgotten about the constant turnover until I revisited this time.

My absolute favorite time to visit was during the period between last year's draft and the start of the season. There was a huge amount of build up and arguing over who was going to be drafted. Whether we should draft Berry or trade down or even take someone else. While some didn't want to draft Berry the main feel I got was that he was going to be ours or there were a couple GMs who had better make sure they keep their doors locked and security system activated at night. Berry was chosen by the Chiefs during their first pick and everything seemed to be going well...until it wasn't.

The draft left everyone absolutely stunned. I think the whole of Arrowhead Pride was in shock. Some became immediately excited over the possibilities, some took a little time to warmed up to it and I think there are still a few who are still outraged by the picks that were chosen. But still, following the draft there was an uplifted mood around here. The best part was how it quickly turned into jubilation as we went through the mini-camps.

It makes me curious about how the current events will look in two or three years. I would definitely recommend a trip to the archives. I personally found it an insightful trip.

(If you made it through this entire thing, I would like to apologize for the huge post full of disjointed rambling and the lack of pictures. You may go back to arguing over areas of need and how to fill them again )

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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