The Trade

Very seldom does a trade opportunity arise that can so impact a franchise that it could change and alter the fortune and culture of the franchise. Such a trade would have such an effect on the franchise that it would be immortalized and known simply as "The Trade". Below I am going to lay out a possible trade scenario and I am going to explain in detail why this trade is a realistic trade that both teams could conceivably consider pulling this trade off. The question is would Pioli do this trade? Would you? Without further ado I present to you....the trade:

Colts get:

Dwayne Bowe
Glenn Dorsey
2012 4th round pick
2013 2nd round pick
2012 1st round pick

Chiefs get:

2012 1st overall pick

With the 1st overall pick of the 2012 draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select Andrew Luck, Quarterback, Stanford.

Why the Colts will do the trade:

The Colts would absolutely consider this trade under a few circumstances: 1. Peyton Manning returns 100% healthy and 2. Dwayne Bowe and Glenn Dorsey both agree to long-term contracts with the Colts. There are several reasons that this trade would be a viable option for the Colts. First there is a matter of Manning's contract and the "No Trade" clause contained within it not to mention the huge cap hit that would be absorbed by the Colts if they were to cut him (or trade him should Manning waive that part of the contract). There are also very few teams available that can absorb a contract as large as Manning's is. If Manning returns the Colts would have a 3-5 year window for another Super Bowl appearance. They need to get there quickly but they have some holes in their game obviously that need to be filled. The Colts would likely take the draft pick the Chiefs give them and draft Landry Jones to sit behind Manning for a few years ala Aaron Rodgers behind Favre. Of course they could also select the best LT prospect and then grab Foles or Tannehill in the 2nd. Other reasons they would consider this trade:

Dwayne Bowe:

It is pretty clear that Reggie Wayne wants out of Indianapolis in the worst kind of way. Once Wayne leaves that is going to leave Manning without a clear-cut number one Wide Receiver. Garcon is a very good receiver but is more of a second receiver than a number one receiver. The Colts need a productive player immediately due to the 3-5 year window Manning has and they don't have time to let an inexperienced rookie develop. Enter Dwayne Bowe. He's six years younger than Wayne and if he isn't an "elite" receiver then he isn't far off. He has had a turnstile of poor to average Quarterbacks throwing to him and he has still managed to put up 1000+ yards in every season with the exception of 2009 in which he missed several games due to suspension and a benching and also his rookie year in which he missed having 1000 yards by 5 yards. His list of Quarterbacks during that time includes Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Matt Cassel, and Tyler Palko. The best Quarterback that Dwayne Bowe has ever had in his entire career is Matt Cassel. Yes, I want you to re-read that. Matt freaking Cassel. I can only imagine the numbers that Bowe would put up with an elite stud like Manning. I think Bowe could be poised for his first 1400+ yard season and yet another breakout year. I can't foresee him getting less than 1400 yards and 12-15 Touchdowns with Manning throwing to him. The Colts will need an elite receiver putting up big numbers in order to make it back to the Super Bowl and that is what they will get in Dwayne Bowe.

Glenn Dorsey:

The Colts have absolutely no problem in the pass rushing department considering they have two bookend, Pro-Bowl caliber pass rushers in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. The issue for the Colts defense is and has been in stopping the run. They need a stout and strong run stuffer who can take on blckers at the point of attack and then shed them and stop the ball carrier. That is where Dorsey will come into play. This will put Dorsey back at home in the 4-3 defense where he is a much better fit and will allow him to fulfill his potential and he will be able to use his skills much more effectively. If the Colts use him as LSU did then he will not only be able to stop the run but he will also be able to get after the opposing Quarterback as well which would help bolster the Colts defense tremendously. Dorsey would help fill a glaring void in the Colts defense that has been there for quite a while and they have been seemingly been unable to fill.

Why the Chiefs will do the trade:

I think it is pretty clear why the Chiefs would be willing to do the trade. I love Dwayne Bowe. He has been the greatest Wide Receiver that this franchise has ever had and he would undoubtedly have a very long and productive career. However the Chiefs are badly in need of a franchise Quarterback to develop. This is something that this franchise has sorely lacked since the days of Len Dawson. This franchise has tried every possible other approach.....dominant Offensive Lines, dominant Defenses, dominant Running Backs.....they have tried virtually everything except the tried and true method of successful franchises....drafting a franchise Quarterback. Instead of drafting its own Quarterback (outside of 1983), the Chiefs franchise has tried to band-aid the position through every other possible means (Free Agency, trades, later round draft pics, etc.). While other teams have reaped the benefits and enjoyed the successes of having the Montana's (the youthful version), the Marino's, the Manning's, the Rodgers's, the Brees's, and the Brady's; this organization has instead given its fans the DeBergs, the Huards, the Grbacs, the Croyle's and the Palkos. The one exception in all of this was Trent Green who was a very good Quarterback. Unfortunately he was around 30 when he was acquired which gave him a very short windown and they never really gave him a defense that was good enough to give him the opportunity to win in the playoffs. As for Dorsey, well, he is a good player and a class act who behaves off the field and has a good attitude and locker room personality. However, he isn't really a fit in the 3-4 and deserves to be in a 4-3 where his full potential can be realized. That will not happen with the Chiefs. Additionally he never really lived up to his fifth overall drafting slot although he has become a very good player. The need for a true franchise Quarterback that can lift this franchise on his shoulders and boost the play of others around him outweighs the production these two players can bring. Although Baldwin isn't fully proven he does appear to be as advertised. His is bigger and faster than Bowe and has very good hands. He simply needs experience and the Chiefs appear to still have a really good receiving corps (Baldwin, Breaston, Urban) even minus Bowe. Dorsey can be replaced with either someone we already have (Bailey), or through the draft or even Free Agency (Calais Campbell). You don't often get a shot at such a great prospect so I think the Chiefs need to seize this opportunity if available. I think this trade is very possible due to all the reasons I listed. I look forward to the feedback and your thoughts about this trade.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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