Mock off-season (Dec. 7th-13th)

Mock off-season:

Kansas City Free agents:

Tyler Palko, QB (restricted)

Kyle Orton, QB *

Thomas Jones, RB

Le'Ron McClain, FB

Dwayne Bowe, WR

Jereme Urban, WR

Casey Wiegmann, C

Barry Richardson, RT

Wallace Gilberry, DE

Kelly Gregg, NT

Jovan Belcher, LB (restricted)

Cory Greenwood, LB (exclusive rights)

Brandon Carr, CB

Jon McGraw, S

Ryan Succop, K (restricted)



Dwayne Bowe, WR (starter, obviously)

Le'Ron McClain, FB (should get some of Jones' carries next season).

Barry Richardson, RT (back up tackle).

Wallace Gilberry, DE (hasn't performed as expected...let's give him another year. Depth)

Kelly Gregg, NT (backup/contributor)

Jovan Belcher, LB (compete to start/depth/ST)

Cory Greenwood, LB (depth/ST)

Brandon Carr, CB (starter, obviously).

Jon McGraw, S 3rd team depth/ST)

Ryan Succop, K (starter)

Around 25% of the roster is slated for free agency as of now. There could be a lot of turnover, and talent-wise, there should be. We need more depth. That said, with a few exceptions, most of these guys should be re-signed and become second or third-team depth. Bowe and Carr are obviously starters, while Weigmann should retire and Palko and Jones should think about joining him.


Below is a quick hit on some free agents. I'll post the full list of free agents farther down. I tried to eliminate players I thought were locks to be re-signed. I tried to include needs, depth, and talent...though Pioli probably won't consider some of the bigger names, the talent is enough to at least make him pause.

Free agent signings:

QB: Matt Flynn- Rodgers' backup. Coming in to compete with Stanzi and Cassel/Orton. Bye bye Palko.

RB: Ryan Grant/Marshawn Lynch- Thomas Jones' aging legs and bad attitude...yes, he's supposed to be a leader....are gone. Lynch can soften up a line. Grant could be a good pickup.

WR: Legedu Naanee- good blocker. Was pretty decent in SD.

TE: John Carlson- Moeaki insurance. Good, all-around TE. Gives KC two good TEs.

OG: Carl Nicks- doubt it happens, but would be a very good body to place between Branden and Rodney....

C: Nick Hardwick- wouldn't happen if we somehow landed Nicks. Solid contributor who knows the AFC West opponents. With Wiegmann retiring, this allows Hudson to start at LG, gives him time to continue to develop, or just creates competition and depth.

NT: Antonio Garay/Paul Soliai/Shaun Rogers-Gregg shouldn't start next year. We haven't really seen Powe. Maybe he'll start next season, maybe not. These guys could start or provide better depth. Both better starters and more depth are needed at multiple positions.

DE: Shaun Ellis/Igor Olshansky- solid, veteran depth.

S: Bob Sanders-bargain pickup. If he can get healthy and play at his ceiling, a great talent to couple with Berry....and Lewis isn't too shabby either, so there would be some depth....If, however, Pioli is willing to spend some money (I doubt it), he could go for a real, young talent in LaRon Landry.


The draft:

At this point it is anyone's guess where we draft. Right now, I've seen projections around #12. With a record between 9-7 (nearly impossible) and 5-11 (quite realistic), I think it is quite realistic to expect us to draft anywhere between 5 and 15.....but closer to #5.

If we are closer to #5, RG III could be possible, but can't see Pioli going first round QB (but won't ever say never).
However, if Carr does not get re-signed or franchised, I can see Pioli drafting CB Kirkpatrick around the currently projected #12.

If we're at #5, I can see an initial trade back to the Dolphins, who are currently at #8, but are a team I currently see of improving their record and possibly moving more towards the teens, pick-wise. As of the current rankings, the QB-needy teams ahead of us are: Colts (even with Manning?), Redskins, and as previously-mentioned, the Dolphins....and if you don't think Kolb is the answer, the Cardinals are currently right ahead of us.

If Pioli isn't willing to go with one of the top 3 qbs or none are available at our pick, and if Carr does not re-sign, Kirkpatrick makes sense. If, however, Carr does re-sign, I think a possible scenario is to see a buddy trade. NE needs a solid, dependable CB. Kirkpatrick could be his guy. Therefore, I see a trade with NE, whether it be our first-rounder or a tag and trade. NE has two first round picks and two that really a surprise? They're projected to have picks 26, 27, 53, and 59.

KC trades pick #12 (as of now), pick #44, pick #107, and Jarrad Page (NE keeps the 7th they were to send us or not...*). NE trades picks #26 and #27 (as of now), pick #53 to KC.

*there are two versions of the trade offered. The alternative includes trading pick #12, and 76 to NE. NE gives up 26, 53, 59 and a 4th in 2013.

I must say, I believe this same trade is possible for Carr if he will not sign long term, where Carr, the proven commodity is traded for the same value, replacing our first rd pick. It's possible, but not probable. Sure, having picks 12, 26, 44, 53,59 would be nice....

KC trades Glenn Dorsey to CHI for picks #71 and #87

(Rankings via draftek:

26- Ta'amu, NT Washington/ Martin, LOT Stanford
27- Adcock, ROT OK ST/ Chapman, NT/DE Alabama
53- Fleener, TE Stanford/ Poe, NT Memphis/ Lester, FS Alabama
71- Griffin III, QB Baylor/Johnson, WILB Alabama/ Nix, OG Pitt
76- Johnson, WILB Alabama/Nix, OG Pitt
87- Nix, OG Pitt/Randall, DE TX/Reynolds, OT BYU/Datko, ROT FL ST/Boykin, CB Georgia
139- Lutzenkirchen, TE Auburn/ Foles, QB AZ/
171- Nielsen, WILB Iowa
203- Thomas, S Arkansas/Johnson, CB Montana


26- Martin, LOT Stanford/Ta'amu, NT Washington
44- Chapman, NT Alabama/Adcock, ROT OK ST/ DeCastro, OG Stanford, Konz, C Wisconsin
53- Fleener, TE Stanford/Poe, NT Memphis
59- Lester, FS Alabama
71- Griffin III, QB Baylor (ranked at 74, don't blame me!)/Johnson, WILB Alabama/ Nix, OG Pitt
87- Nix, OG Pitt/Randall, DE TX/Reynolds, OT BYU/Datko, ROT FL ST/Boykin, CB Georgia
139- Lutzenkirchen, TE Auburn/ Foles, QB AZ/
171- Nielsen, WILB Iowa
197/217- Thomas, S Arkansas/
203- Johnson, CB Montana

I will post more drafts using other rankings in the actual mock draft thread. This presents a real-life feel. Ranking prospects and doing mocks is unpredictable. After all, how many people had Powe going in the 6th? Many saw him as late first-third round. Likewise, we assuming RG III is an early first rounder. While I agree, I'm not sure how teams will value him....


Positional breakdown:

QB: Flynn, Stanzi, Cassel/Orton/ (RG III/Foles*)

RB: Charles, Battle, McCluster, Grant/Lynch, McClain

WR: Bowe, Breaston, Baldwin, Naanee

TE: Moeaki, Carleson, O' Connell, Fleener/Lutzenkirchen

OT: Albert, Martin/Reynolds/Adcock/Datko, Richardson, Mims, Maneri

OG: Asamoah, Hudson, Lilja, Nix, Harris

OC: Hudson, Hardwick/Konz

DE: Jackson, Gordon, Olshansky, Chapman/Randall, Bailey, Gilberry

NT: Garay, Powe, Soliai/Rogers/Gregg, Ta'amu/Poe

OLB: Hali, Houston, Sheffield, Studebaker, Bair? Miller?

ILB: DJ, Siler, Belcher, Nielsen/Johnson, Williams

CB: Flowers, Carr, arenas, Brown, Daniels, Boykin/Johnson

S: Berry, Lewis, Sanders, Lester/Thomas, McGraw, Langford/Washington

K: Succop

P: Colquitt

LS: Gafford

This is about a dozen more than a 53 man roster. It is intended as a visual only. I suck too much to even try to do a real depth chart. This just gives you an idea of depth that could created in the representation of what we kind of need to see from Pioli.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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