Chief's 2012 projected free agents

I have been seeing a lot of posts recently about who we should get rid of and who we should keep. I did a quick search on this site and did not find a consolidated list of the projected free agents that we would have after the 2011 league year. I did a quick google search and I am by far not an expert on anything, I found a website ( that had all of the information consolidated (hopefully up to date) and thought I would share the list and a few thoughts after the jump.

Name / Position Contract End year FA year
Thomas Jones at Running Back 2 yr/$5,000,000 2011 2012
Reshard Langford at Cornerback 1 yr/$480,000 2011 2012
Quinten Lawrence at Wide Receiver 3 yr/$1,275,000 2011 2012
Jovan Belcher at Linebacker 3 yr/$1,185,000 2011 2012
LeRon McClain at Running Back 1 yr/$1,500,000 2011 2012
Jon McGraw at Safety 1 yr/$810,000 2011 2012
Dwayne Bowe at Wide Receiver 5 yr/$9,000,000 2011 2012
Brandon Carr at Cornerback 1 yr/$2,610,000 2011 2012
Anthony Becht at Tight End 1 yr/TBD 2011 2012
Kyle Orton at Quarterback 2 yr/$11,621,000 2011 2012
Wallace Gilberry at Defensive End 1 yr/$1,835,000 2011 2012
Cory Greenwood at Linebacker 1 yr/$385,000 2011 2012
Kelly Gregg at Defensive Tackle 1 yr/$3,500,000 2011 2012
Ricky Price at Cornerback 1 yr/$405,000 2011 2012
Barry Richardson at Tackle 1 yr/$1,835,000 2011 2012
Brandon Siler at Linebacker 1 yr/TBD 2011 2012
Ryan Succop at Kicker 3 yr/$1,200,000 2011 2012
Verran Tucker at Wide Receiver 1 yr/$405,000 2011 2012
Jerheme Urban at Wide Receiver 1 yr/$640,000 2011 2012
Casey Wiegmann at Center 1 yr/$2,500,000 2011 2012

My big take aways were as follows:

-Several of the "lightning rod" players contracts will be up, namely Barry Richardson, Thomas Jones, and John McGraw.

- I see a potential that Succop gets a deal this offseason

- Biggest names on the list Bowe and Carr, I would love to see both back but wouldn't be surprised to see one or both gone

- Fringe guys to bring back in my opinion Orton (compete for starting gig) Belcher (depth), McClain (starting FB), and possibly Langford (depth).

There you have it, what is your opinion, nased on the list of our own FA who would you want back, glad to see go, and other thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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