How to Fix the Franchise?

Fix the Identity!

Ok its obvious our organization has no identity. Last year our offense was good and our defense was decent. This year our offense is terrible and our defense suffers because they can't get off the field. Every blow out we had is because our offense could not sustain a drive and manage the clock, keeping our defense on the field and defeated.

Lets take a new approach.

Lets start with the mascot

KC Wolf is pussy. He is an obese weasel. Lets get a real mascot. KC Wolf 2.0; muscular were-wolf with war paint, maybe a head-dress. Think Philadelphia Eagles mascot with a wolf head, hairy arms, a tail, and jacked. Big muscles, Chiefs jersey tattered. Maybe runs on all fours before rising to his feet to stick a spear in the end zone and unleash a hellish howl. Then he can take out a bow and arrow and shoot tee-shirts into the stands.



Free Agents

Next, we need to acquire some free agents who can add both value on the field as well as high character guys. Becht, why do we have Becht? O'Connell, why? And when you ask why we let Gaither go, look at his Tweets on the Tweet ticker on the side of the Arrowheadpride page. The guy is a retarded, fat child. We need a nasty line. A mean TE to go along with the Guardian Angel Pope and Moeaki.

DRAFT BETTER not long shots. Problems we do and don't have.

Draft not just for depth but great talent that can be inserted into situations they can make plays. I don't like hearing that McCluster is a bust. Why? Because if we used his strengths, he would be a weapon. We need to use Houston near the line of scrimage or rushing the passer, not covering the slot reciever. The draft this year has potential as long as we dont take long shots; Gabe Miller and Shane Bannon? Those are two undrafted players if we didnt draft them.

This year our needs are: OL(OG/C/OT), DT(DE/NT),LB(MLB/WILD/SILB),DB(CB/SS/FS), HB, QB, TE. We need HB, TE and safety, not just for depth but the fact one out of the three of our injured players (Charles, Moeaki, Berry) may not return to their pre-injury production. I hope they all return to if not return better than they were but what are the odds? We need a Defensive back that can be flexible, play both CB and safety. I like Travis Daniels' flexibility, I like the Brandons, and Javier. (Although, Carr's contract is done after this year, I like him. He is not a good as a tackler as Flowers) Jalil Brown is still a question mark, while Donald Washington and Piscitelli are a waste of a roster spot. If we can get a Jarvis Jenkins to compete for the starting job we can rotate the Brandons in and out, maybe even run a Nickle, Dime, and Quarter package with an absolute beast secondary. But Jenkins is projected as a late 1st early 2nd round pick.

What is a secondary without a D-Line? We need some nastiness on the D-Line. Anger. We have to trade Dorsey or Jackson, or both. We have something in the journeyman Gordon, Bailey has potential and Powe can be special. If we can get a NT that can compete with Powe they can rotate. Crick will fall to the third or fourth round. And we even have a guy on our practice squad, Brandon Bair, with good size for a 3-4 DE.

The Draft

So I will start with D-Line in the 7th round. Why 7th round? Ryan Simms, Glenn Dorsey, and Tyson Jackson; enough said. In the Seventh we get a tall DT who we can groom into a 3-4 DE

6th round we get a QB, Keenum or Moore and we will also have a compensatory pick and we will get OT. 5th round we will get a C in Vlachos from Alabama to compete wth Hudson for center or Lilja for guard. 4th Round we get a RB in Montee Ball which would be a steal which would land us all in jail for theft. Or we get LaMichael James. 3rd round we get Dantari Poe. "Powe, Poe!" we will scream when ever they halt the offense dead on the goal line. I like this pick because if one steps in at DE one at NT and someone can play the other DE spot effectively, no one will run on us and Hali and Houston will get 25+ sacks between them.

Linebacker. Linebacker! If we can get a Manti Te'O or Donte Hightower or Vontaze Burfict or Kuechly in the second round, we will have the best LB Corp in the AFC west. Belcher will be depth, Sheffield along with Studebaker as depth. Count it: Houston, Hali, DJ, Burfict, Stude', Belch, Sheff, and Williams; that is 6 good-great 'backers along with 2 depth guys. RB's would be crapping their pants in Arrowhead, looking at fresh LB's rotated in non-stop, then hearing a wolf howl when they get stuffed in the backfield.

1st round.

1st round, if we can trade up to get Luck, I would give 3 1st round picks for that. If we can get Barkley I wouldnt mind, but only if he falls to our respective position. Both of these scenarios seem far fetched so we will trade down for an extra pick and we will pick Janoris Jenkins. Why? Because Carr may get lost in the re-signing period, or we will "franchise" him for a year of service, or to trade him, or to use him as trade bait. What happens here is a complete mystery do to the number of possibilities. If we trade down and get Jenkins, those are extra picks later I have not accounted for and can turn into future contributers. If we do trade down and get Luck, great but then we will have holes unfilled or holes widened due to a trade of someone (Bowe, Carr, Flowers, etc.) or something (2nd, 3rd round picks). Or if we get lucky, Barkley will fall to us without any true sacrifice. Here's to Barkley and a change in 6th round pick from Keenum/Moore to someone else. Here's to Barkley and a trade back into the 1st or early 2nd round for a trade of next years 1st rounder for another starter; OT, C/OG, MLB, DL, DB. Or Here's to Barkley with no sacrifice:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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