Setting the Kansas City Chiefs up for Success in the Future.

The Kansas City Chiefs have a lot of raw talent and in my opinion have a good shot at a deep playoff run, but only if they do a few things. These things shouldn't be difficult, considering how much money they have in cap space.

The things the Chiefs must do are:

1. Fire Bill Muir and bring in a good OC.

First of all, Bill Muir is not an Offensive Coordinator; He is an offensive line coach. Always has been, always will be. He has shown in the past few weeks he has talented players at his disposal, but his play-calling is severely flawed. If you have watched the offense closely, you'd notice that the conservative play-calling holds them back, although they still managed to drive down the field. When they get to the red zone they look absolutely horrid. This all points toward the Offensive coordinator. I would suggest bringing in an experienced OC, preferably one from a college team. I wouldn't be upset if they decided to promote Jim Zorn.

2. Keep Crennel as Head Coach.

Romeo Crennel relates well with the players. He led the team to a win over the undefeated Packers. Romeo was one of the reasons behind the Chiefs' competent defense. If you noticed, the only time the defense performed poorly was when the Chiefs couldn't move the ball. Notice this was when Todd Haley was trying to mess with the offense by starting the worst quarterback on the team. Going back to how well Romeo Crennel relates to the team: If Todd Haley would of been the head coach after the Packers game, would they have dumped Gatorade on him? Probably not. The players didn't respect Haley. The Chiefs have found their man in Romeo Crennel.

3. Either Release Matt Cassel or Keep Him As a Back-Up.

Matt Cassel ... *sigh.* When we first acquired him in a trade, I thought it was actually a good idea. But his favorite activity is locking onto a wide receiver and forcing a pass to him. That is why I was so shocked when I saw a quarterback come in and actually scan the defense. Kyle Orton may not the answer, but Matt Cassel definitely isn't. A good idea: Trade Matt Cassel for a 3rd or 4th round pick. Unless somehow they get Andrew Luck or RG3 in the draft, Kyle Orton should start next year. Ricky Stanzi may perhaps be the quarterback of the future.

4. Fixing the Defense.

The key to fixing the defense is rather simple. Get a top Defensive lineman to replace Dorsey. Get another to replace Kelly Gregg. Acquire a few decent Defensive backs for back-ups to compliment Javier Arenas in the Nickel Package. Realize that linebackers are not the problem. The Chiefs have two Pro Bowl Linebackers, a promising up-and-comer in Justin Houston, and Jovan Belcher, who is inconsistent but passable. There is no linebacker problem.

5. Fixing the Offense.

I mentioned earlier that we need a different OC and a better Quarterback for future seasons. To finish patching up the offense, Kansas City must pick up two solid offensive lineman and a Running back to compliment Jamaal Charles in the backfield. It's clear Jones is gone next year and Battle is not the #2 back. He's more like #3. The Chiefs must also sign Le'ron Mcclain to return and fill the fullback position.

This would be the recipe to success for the Kansas City Chiefs. In a year or two, they could even have a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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