The Uneducated yet Believed in Draft. Read 'em and Weep

Sadly we are once again looking forward to a draft several months away while the most of the NFL is still looking forward to football in the immediate future. It is, however, amazing that year after year we see all of us constantly believing and delving into the possibilities of how to make a sorrowfully bad team a contender for championships. More accurately, a team who will WIN A PLAYOFF GAME!!!

We need first to identify team needs. We have been through it before already I know, but to reiterate: Quarterback, LG, RT and despite having a solid group when Moeaki is healthy we seem to need a TE. On Defense: NT, ILB, S (we saw what happened without McGraw, let alone Berry), CB (if we can't resign Carr). I would throw in a new Owner who isn't afraid to spend money on players which he would recoup in ticket/jersey sales.... but that is another topic for a non-existent time. So without further ado, here is my plan in the draft for sweet sweet victory.

1. Jonathan Martin - Stanford or Riley Reiff - Iowa. As we all know from successful seasons in the 90's and early 2000's an offensive line makes passing and running a ton easier. We are in dire need of improved O-line play. A tackle to replace Richardson is needed. Maybe they replace Albert at LT so he can move to LG? I like Albert though. We have our future RT who will make mistakes, but is worth it in the future.

2. Dontari Poe - Memphis NT or Josh Chapman - Alabama NT. We continue to look for the solution to our answer at the NT position. Amon Gordon has flashed some promise as an UDFA, but we can't be sure just yet. While we all wait to see what Jerrel Powe can do for us we want an immediate answer. Poe is widely regarded as one of the stronger football players in the NCAA while still having great talent (I can't find any tape on him.......................) Josh Chapman does a great job of stacking at the line and shedding blocks to get to the ball carrier. He could potentially play the 5 technique as well. Either is a win for the defense.

3. Monte Ball (wishful, but RBs drop often) RB -Wisconsin. He has dominated this season like no other back in the NCAA. He can run between or outside the tackles. Catches the ball very well out of the back field. By all accounts is an above average blocker. If he is available in round three it would be naive to ignore him. But I have a back up plan!

3Backup. Kevin Zeitler G Wisconsin or C Michael Brewster Ohio State. Zeitler upgrades Lilja if he wins the job or learns from a good veteran while adapting to the NFL. Brewster could beat out Hudson for the starting Center job. Forcing Hudson to beat out Lilja for the LG position. Instantly we have depth on the O-line.

4. Leonard Johnson CB - Iowa State. Johnson has not put up huge numbers, but part of that is due to teams avoiding him. OklahomaSU tried to do it, but Johnson punked Blackmon. Ill take this kid any day the way he showed up in that big time game.

5. Shayne Skov LB - Stanford. Skov dominated while playing and unfortunately suffered an injury which kept him out. Well... good for us as he falls and we get a stellar and versatile LB who could replace Belcher as a starter maybe.

6. Rhett Ellison TE/FB - USC. Ellison is touted as a good blocker and a solid receiver. We would be able to use him as a FB in short yardage situations so that LeRon McClain (not the sissy, can't get an inch cuz i'm dancin', Battle) can produce like he is capable.

7a. Zach Lee QB - LSU. Since I am missing our standard SEC/LSU pick I have to throw out a QB that was playing at a good pace with 14 TDs and 3 interceptions prior to being pulled in while having a sub-par game. Potential future QB is fine by me.

7b. Will Ebner "ILB" - MU. Injured player with potential. Athletic enough to potentially play safety and could definitely contribute on special teams.

So there you have it. My plan for success. There are several other players of course which we could choose. Joe Adams would be a nice pick for returns and slot WR. Go ahead, agree, disagree. Praise or tear me a new one. I have thick skin so let me know what you think.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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