Looking at a Glimpse of the 2012 Free Agency: Running Back Edition


Many of the fans of Arrowhead Pride have been commenting, and making posts about how the Chiefs need a running back to go along with Jamaal Charles. Some people think the answer is in The Draft, but I think it's in free agency. Assuming that Thomas Jones won't re-sign this year, The Chiefs won't have a true backup other than Jackie Battle and Dexter Mccluster. Mccluster is good at WR, but I think the next few people I name can be great weapons in the Chiefs offense, and their 4-Back running game.

I think that Jackie Battle deserves another 1 or 2 year contract to see how he performs with Jamaal Charles, and that Thomas Jones will be released. So going intothis Know that The Chiefs depth Chart is:

1. Jamaal Charles

2. Jackie Battle

3. Dexter Mccluster

So, here are a few Running Back's that I think would be great additions for the Chiefs running game along with Star Jamaal Charles:

Some of the Main Free Agent Running Back's out there this year:

1. Ray Rice-Will Most likely re-sign since he is the biggest piece of the Ravens Offense

2. Matt Forte- Will also likely re-sign, but if not, would be too expensive for the Chiefs to have 2 big bargain Halfbacks on their roster.

3. Peyton Hillis- With all the Hillis drama in Cleveland this year, the Browns will be glad to let him explore free-agency this year. He would be a great addition to the Chiefs offense. With Him, and Charles, you couldn't ask for a better duo at the RB position- Speed and Power.

4. Mike Tolbert- I can't see San Diego them letting him go, especially along with the fact that Ryan Matthews has shown that he is very injury prone.

5. Ryan Grant- Ryan Grant's Value may have gone down this year, but he'd be a good addition to the Chiefs offense too. He can split carries with Charles, just how Jones did in 2010, but he is fairly better than Jones, and the Chiefs would have arguably the best Running Game.

6. Marshawn Lynch- Yes, he would be a Phenominal addition, but I can't see him leaving Seattle, and either way, it's very unrealistic he would end up here.

7. Cedric Benson- Cedric Benson has had some trouble with the law early in his career, but I think that's passed him now anyway. Out of all of the Running Back's listed here, I would like him on the Chiefs more than anybody. He's definitely a guy who would split carries with Charles how Jones did 2 years ago, but he'd be better. A LOT better. He would be able to let Charles take a load off, and by watching the game, you would never know that there was a backup running back ni the game. Actually, you'd think he was the starter. He's at the prime of his careere and to me, would be by far the best addition they could make to their offense this offseason.

8. LaDainian Tomlinson- Acquiring Tomlinson doesn't make much sense for either Him, or the Chiefs. They are building a young offense, and signing him would, be like signing Thomas Jones again, because they are both at the same stage of their career's. Also LaDainian is lookign for a real super bowl contender, and The Chiefs aren't that team for him.

Out of all these Free Agency options here, I think the most realistic ones, are with Benson, Hillis, and Grant. Any one of them would be a great addition to the team. Cedric Benson to me would be the right decision. But who would you like? Vote in the poll below (Rice,Lynch,Tolbert,Forte are not listed, for the reason next to their names), and comment on any other signings you'd like to see, and if you agree/disagree with anything in the post. There will be more from this soon, with the other Chiefs needs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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