Coaches, Quarterback's, and The NFL Draft

The Chiefs are going to have to have a very busy off season this year, if they want to be anywhere near a Super Bowl contender. Here's what Pioli needs to do to get the Chiefs back on track.

1. Keep Romeo Crennel- If you watched the past 2 Chiefs games, you saw that the Chiefs got a spark from interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel and QB Kyle Orton. They did lose vs. the Raiders, at home, but they didn't come out flat and get demolished like everybody thought they would. Assuming that the Chiefs don't get blown out in week 17 vs. The Broncos, I think Crennel should be promoted to the Permanent Head Coach Position. Many players have come out and said that everybody love Romeo, and that they do play hard for him. And one of the most important things about a team and the teams players, is that they like their head coach. Soon before Todd Haley's firing, it seemed the Players quit on Haley, and didn't like how he was coaching. But with Romeo in, and a few off season changes, there will be no reason to quit on Romeo, because they'll be winning.

2. Sign Kyle Orton and Trade/Cut Matt Cassel- The Chiefs had to go through 3 different Quarterbacks this year, and really, Kyle Orton played by far the best out of those 3 (Cassel, Palko). Orton through for 300 yards in both games, and Matt Cassel only did that 4 times, in 3 years. Tyler Palko wasn't even close either. Matt Cassel had his chance, and he didn't take advantage of it. When Orton was on the field, the Chiefs got 1st downs much more easier, and got into the Red Zone a lot of times. Yeah, they didn't score many touchdowns, but that's simply because Kyle Orton only had about 3 weeks to practice with the team. That'll be taken care of in Training camp, and pre-season, and plus, if Johnathan Baldwin develops the way he should, he should be a dangerous threat in the red zone, or really on any part of the field. Matt Cassel was missing throws, he was very gittery and trigger happy ni the pocket, and just didn't win many games. I think his time has come and gone, along with Palko obviously, and Kyle Orton's time has just come. Trading Cassel will be hard, because most teams know that when you have 2 potential starting QB's you will need to get rid of one. So mostly every team will be smart enough to hold off on picking them up until they are cut. But if a team IS looking to trade for Cassel, It'd be nice to get a few draft picks in return, because depth is great to have. Now that leads to the next subject, the NFL Draft.

The Chiefs Draft Needs- The Chiefs have a normal amount of holes on their roster, but there a few big ones that caught my attention First, is the Offensive line. Well, actually the horrific Barry Richardson. He needs to leave Kansas City as soon as possible. Make him walk home, for a matter of fact. He in a way deserves it. Anyway though, he has been terrible this year, and has given up an enormous amount of sacks this year, and doesn't allow the Chiefs to run to the right side. So their first pick has to be a Offensive Tackle. Assuming that Matt Kahlil and Riley Rieff would be gone by around the 10th pick (The Chiefs projected spot) I think they should draft Johnathan Martin out of Stanford. He's a 6'6 300 pund Tackle and should make an immediate impact. Secondly they need an Inside Linebacker to compliment potential Ptro Bowler Derrick Johnson. There's not many MLB's in this draft but there should be some good ones by the early 2nd round. The bets option is probably Dont'a Hightower out of Alabama. If they re-sign Javon Belcher, they can have Belcher and Hightower share time there, to give him some early experience right out of the gate. He's a big play maker, and defenses can't enough play maker's. Along with Derrick Johnson, Berry, Flowers, Hali, and Carr, he would be just another peice of the puzzle to Kansas City's defense. THen, I think they need some depth at the TE position, and the Safety position to back up Lewis and Berry. But im really concerned about the Cornerback position. They have 2 terrific, young ones in Brandon Flowers, and Brandon Carr, but Javier Arenas has been getting picked on all year long and has had trouble covering. Jalil Brown, the 2011 4th round pick may be able to play, but we haven't seen much of him yet. In the next 5 rounds, I'd go:

3. Cornerback

4. Center

5. QB

6. Tight end/Safety

7. Tight end/ Safety

With these draft picks, and a good offseason they should hace even a younger team and be good for the future. And with Romeo and Orton back along with Berry, Charles, and Moeaki, they should definitely have a sure shot at the AFC West title.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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