Projecting the Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Draft

Hopeful draft for Chiefs:

Jonathan Martin LT Stanford 1st round

Alameda Ta'amu, NT, Washington 2nd round

Tank Carder ILB TCU 3rd round

Andrew Datko RT FSU 4th round

George Bryan TE N.C. State 5th round

Antoine McClain, G, Clemson 6th round

Tevin Elliot**, OLB, Baylor 7th round

Ethan Johnson, DE, Notre Dame 7th round

Undrafted FA:

Brandon Bolden RB Ole Miss (Played with Dexter McCluster)

Now before you say anything, I looked at what had for their "Projected rounds" for the later guys. This is mainly the case for the players starting with Bryan and ending in Bolden.

This is what I was thinking for all of these players:

Jonathan Martin- I think he is a legit franchise LT which the Chiefs need in my opinion. While I think Albert is good, we need better production out of that spot. I think by moving him to RT or if Datko is ready to take the RT spot, putting Albert in his more natural LG spot would secure our line for a very long time.

Alameda Ta'amu- Now this pick is pending we do not get Paul Solai to man the NT spot. If we do that, then discard this pick. Assuming we do not get that pickup, we need to replace Gregg since he is on an expiring contract. In addition, Gregg is 35 years old as it is and pairing Ta'amu with Powe will make a very nice pairing for a while. It will keep both of them fresh as well as good for goal-line sets. Ta'amu is the best NT in the draft and I think he would be a steal in the second round.

Tank Carder- Now unlike many people, I actually like Jovan Belcher a lot. He plays the game the right way and as hard as he can every play. With that being said, Tank Carder has been an integral part of that excellent TCU defense the past few years. Getting a great ILB in this spot would be a great addition to the team. At worst he will learn from DJ and platoon with Belcher. At best, Carder outplays Belcher and is a great player and we have Belcher for good depth which this team badly needs.

Andrew Datko- I already talked about Datko in Martin's explanation but I will extend on that here. As an FSU fan as well (don't ask as I have heard enough grief for it), Datko has been a starter his whole career and has always been a great player for that line. He has been injury prone, but when healthy he has been like I stated before a VERY good player. If their were no injury concerns (he is out for the year with a shoulder injury) he would go much higher than this.

George Bryan- This pick has more to do with what the Chiefs have than Bryan specifically. Moeaki was great in his rookie year, but you dont know what to expect this next year. Bryan has had an average year but has some potential and is a very good blocker. With Bryan and Moeaki, the TE position is now a solid one for the Chiefs.

Antoine McClain- This is just a depth pick. McClain is a mountain of a man (6-6 330). At the very worst, he can go in and make sure that we don't have any more kicks blocked........

Tevin Elliot and Ethan Johnson- Both are value picks since these two players didnt have the best year this season. Johnson is 6-4 300 pounds and had a great year in the 3-4 defense with 34 tackles and 5 sacks according to At a 7th round pick, I will take that every day of the week. Elliot is 6-3 and 250 pounds and has a lot of potential and will push Houston and provide good depth for rushing the QB.

Brandon Bolden- He is a bigger back and had multiple injuries which is why I had him in the undrafted pile. I am tired of seeing Battle and Jones running the football even though they shown signs of life against the Raiders. At the very worst, Bolden will push those two to make the team and then the Chiefs can get rid of one of those two.

Here you go that is my Draft Analysis for the Chiefs in 2012. Now I can already see people bashing this for two reasons: No QB and no Safety. There is a very good explanation for both of those. I don't have a QB in there because Luck wont be there, Griffin will be drafted in the top 5 I think and the rest of the QB's I dont care for. Jones has potential but you will have to overpay for him in my opinion since his best course of action is to not start the kid right away. To be honest, the BEST thing to do (although probably not plausible) is to keep Cassel AND Orton and have them battle it out and keep Stanzi to learn more under the both of them. The safety situation is easy in that the front office just needs to actually spend a little more money and get some quality depth not the garbage we have now in Washington, Sabby and Langford.......

Let me know your thoughts on this subject and the offseason in general in the comments!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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