Five Things We Learned This Season

Sorry for not posting much. Work has been a pain.

Well that is it. Our season is as good as over.

Our season ended on the toes of Sebastian Janikowski's foot.

This has been a nice run and now my "Five Things".

  1. Mr. Irrelevant is still Relevant- After week 3 we were ready to take Ryan Succop's head and plant it on a stake. Despite his two blocked this week (including one VERY questionable block), he had made 22 straight since that 38 yard miss. Most games, most of the points came off of his boot. Congrats to Succop.
  2. Jackie Battle proved his worth- When JC went out, we thought our rushing game was done. TJ was doing his best LJ impression and Dex was too small. Out of the dust that is the Special Teams, Jackie Battle emerged. While he hasn't had a performance like his 119 yard day against the Colts, he has shown to be a valuable asset. Number 26 has shown that if you need a closer, he can get you that yardage. For a back his age, he actually has some tread left. I believe his lack of performing has to deal with him not being used to the work load since most of his carries come during preseason. As a third back, he could continue to be worthy.
  3. This team can contend- Once we get back our three guys from IR, this team is deadly. The fact we can finish 7-9 after the hell this team went through is amazing. All seemed lost after we lost Tony 2, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles in consecutive weeks. Some players developed into stars and they know what they need to do. I smell Super Bowl next year.
  4. This defense is deadly- For a defense that lost its star player, it has shown that it takes crap from no one. With Justin Houston developing into the second coming of Neil Smith (yes I went there), QB's will fear he and the Tambahawk. Our secondary is stout (who knew Quickdraw made a difference) and our front three are one NT away from unleashing hell. DJ is a beast, Houston and Tamba Hali are going to be a duo, Kendrick Lewis has shown that he is a ball hawk and can make plays. People want to replace Belcher but I beg to differ. We could do worse and ILB is fine as is.
  5. This is the Future- With all the short comings this season (blowouts, injuries, Todd Haley getting the boot), this team never gave up. The future is now and next season, Chiefs WILL win.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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