....but just for a minute. :)

I apologize to my faithful 2 (being ambitious here) readers of the posts I used to make with the play-by-play info and insight (if that's what you'd like to call it). I pastor a church and also work a full-time job at a bank, so I rarely have time to breathe, let alone make FanPosts frequently.

HOWEVER, I STILL READ AP EVERY DAY (literally the first place I go to in the AM). It's a great place with a great group of fellow Chiefs fans.

As a Pastor, I'll make the quick note to thank Christ for being born to die for my sins. Feel free to believe what you've chosen to read my post. :) If you disagree, that's your choice, and I respect that.

This post is full of random mind dumps since my last post. Let's GO!

*This rollercoaster ride of a season is getting sickening to me. I don't know how much more I can take. Blame it on Haley, Cassel, Pioli, or whomever you want. In my opinion, it's EVERYONE's fault. The coaches coach, GM's make personnel decisions, and the players play. I believe that each side of that equation drops the ball when you get your butt kicked. Preparation is very key, but so are having a good (not just "right") 53 and those players making plays. Basically what I'm saying is that if you're going to point'll have to use all 10 of them (and some toes).

*Romeo Crennel will be our next HC. The players want him here. He fits the "Patriot Way" mold. Let's face it, people: Pioli actually DID venture out of the "Patriot Way" model with his first hire (Haley). It didn't work (to elaborate, some parts did work, but when you have a team that's THAT inconsistent, it CANNOT be deemed a success...rule of thumb: if you're fired, you weren't successful in doing your job). I don't see him going outside of it this time. I plan on seeing a very motivated team the last two games of the season to show Pioli and Hunt that they want Kansas City to be "RAC" City.

*Bowe and Carr will BOTH be re-signed. At least they better be...

*Kyle Orton AND Matt Cassel will not be on the roster to start the 2012 season. It's going to be one or the other. I've read many comments that it might be good to have both guys battle it out for the job. I'm telling you now: it ain't happening. Both of these guys want to start. Cassel is still under contract. Hunt keeps a very close eye on what is spent. What I want to happen: Orton stays, Cassel goes (too inconsistent). What I think will happen: Cassel stays (since he's already under contract), Orton goes. DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to change this if Orton sucks the last two games.

Cassel has had an unfair shake in KC with having so many OC's, but he just isn't calm in the pocket. You can't teach that. That's the main reason for me picking Orton over Cassel.

*The Chiefs will finish 8-8. But we aren't making the playoffs. I don't see Denver losing to Buffalo tomorrow. The fan in me is rooting and believing until the end. I absolutely will accept any negative words against me if we do because I'll be just as happy! TRUST ME, I WANT TO BE WRONG!

*The Chiefs will NOT hire McDoofus as OC. If we do, this season will be my last as a season ticket holder until he's gone. I literally have zero respect for the guy. I'll still be a Chiefs fan, but I refuse to give the Chiefs my money if he's hired. That includes if we win a Super Bowl with him on staff. I can't respect a cheater (I feel the same about Belicheat).

And, finally...

*The Chiefs are heading in the right direction. Pioli has done a nice job here, in my opinion, with player personnel decisions. We have good talent here. Having said that, we need to add some depth to our roster (see 2011 season for proof). We can't have that big of a dropoff when players get hurt. I realize we lost a lot of talent to injury very early in the season, but look no further than the Packers from last year to prove that depth (and of course a good QB) can win a championship.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a safe and blessed CHRISTmas!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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