The 5 Unsung Heroes of the Chiefs of the 2011 Season

This 2011 NFL season for the Kansas City Chiefs has been one big roller coaster. It all started with an embarrassing pre-season and losing tight end Tony Moeaki for the year in the process. Then we go into weeks one and two and get blown out by the Bills and Lions while losing arguably our two best young players on the team for the year in Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles. Then all of a sudden the Chiefs go undefeated in October, lose every game in November, and beat the Bears with a scum quarterback and now are back in the AFC West race with an upset over the Packers in December. Man, is it great to be a Chiefs fan or what? You look at the Chiefs best players of the 2011 season and you think; Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers, and Dwayne Bowe. The games weren't all won by those players there is much talent on this Chiefs team that is very under appreciated and this is a list of those key under appreciated players.

1. Steve Breaston: Wide Receiver

The Chiefs had a very quiet off-season free-agency wise, but signed one player that was on my radar for the Chiefs to acquire. That player was Steve Breaston who like on the Chiefs was an unsung hero with the Arizona Cardinals. Steve Breaston was one of three Cardinal receivers in the 2008 season with over 1,000 yards. Steve Breaston is the most underrated offensive player on the Kansas City Chiefs, coming up with key receptions and yardage in important parts of games. Breaston's numbers speak for themselves he has amassed 56 catches for 735 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Steve Breaston has become the Chiefs best number two receiver in quite a few years not counting former tight end Tony Gonzalez.

2. Kendrick Lewis: Free Safety

The Kansas City Chiefs have arguably the best secondary in the AFC West with big names including; Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Javier Arenas, and Eric Berry (before he got hurt). Kendrick Lewis is really living in the shadow of their spotlight and deserves much more credit. The Chiefs have a top ten pass defense even without Eric Berry which means Kendrick Lewis must be doing something good despite Berry's loss. Lewis has tallied in 53 tackles and brought in 3 interceptions including a key pick six against the Raiders.

3. Ryan Succop: Kicker

Ah, yes Ryan Succop who has been personally one of my favorite Chiefs players ever since his rookie season. Ryan Succop has been incredible lately hitting 20 straight field goals without a miss since week four. Succop is in my opinion the most underrated kicker in the league and is over shadowed in the AFC West by Oakland's Sabastian Janikowski. Succop is having his best season yet with 22 fields goals on 25 attempts.

4. Jovan Belcher: Inside Linebacker

Jovan Belcher is one of the biggest assets to the Chiefs defense and doesn't get the credit he deserves. Belcher is overshadowed by Derrick Johnson, but DJ is having the best season of his career. Some people want the Chiefs to draft an inside linebacker in the 2012 Draft, but I don't think thats right the Chiefs have a terrific pair of inside linebackers that fit great in the 3-4 defense. The Chiefs have in my opinion one of the best young linebacking corps in the league with; Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Jovan Belcher and, rookie Justin Houston finally showing up. Jovan Belcher has been pretty consistent with 77 tackles on the year as well as starting every single game this season.

5. Branden Albert: Offensive Tackle

The offensive line of the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the biggest questions of the year, but have some decent bright spots. One of those bright spots is Branden Albert who has been shaky throughout his career, but is having a solid 2011 campaign. It all started in week 4 when Branden Albert was challenged against former Chief and Pro-Bowl defensive end Jared Allen. Albert held Allen in check and played a great game, however Allen did have a sack that game, but the sack wasn't on Branden Albert. Albert has really established himself as the best offensive linemen on the Chiefs and is really under appreciated for the work he has done in the trenches.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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