The future of Kansas City's O-line: Bulking up

As exciting as the upcoming week is and as important as right now is for making an identity for Kansas City in this league, emphasis should always be placed on the future of Kansas City.

The offense this year has been less that spectacular. Whether it's the injuries to Jamaal, Moeaki, and Cassel could be a big part of it, and next year I'm looking forward to an already great (sometimes) defense and our stellar offense back on the field. So, for this years draft why not draft some big men up front to help them out a little?


Jonathan Martin!



Aside from Kalil (who we are already out of the running for), Martin is easily the best O-lineman out of this draft. He's a natural mauler, may need to gain a little weight to still be affective as he is at run-blocking right now in college, but other than that the guy is almost flawless. He's aggressive, powerful, has quick feet, and can successfully run and pass block. It's getting a little ahead of ourselves, but I think he could be the next Joe Thomas. And how great would it be to have a guy like Joe Thomas?


Riley Reiff!



Of all the O-linemen in this draft, Mr. Reiff is probably the nastiest. He has no mercy for anyone that so much as looks at him the wrong way. He's great on the move, great explosion off the line, and has one of the most aggressive mean streaks I've ever seen. Off-balanced defenders are fair game, they're on the ground with Riley laying on top of him before they can even blink. He might need to put on some weight as well, but his natural strength, aggression, run-blocking prowess and agility could plant him a spot at right tackle or possibly even guard. The guy reminds me a lot of some of the enforcers in the league, guys like Kris Dielman or Tyson Clabo.


Cordy Glenn!



Of this class of O-linemen, Cordy's the largest. 6'5, nearly 350 pounds, the kid can almost block out the sun if your lined up across from him. Whether it's his brutal strength or his vaguely ape-like look, there's just something about Cordy that seems intimidating. His run-blocking is tip-top, and though his pass-protection could still use some work, it shouldn't be too much of a detriment to his career in the NFL. For once, I won't have to say he'll need to gain any weight. His athleticism let him get away with being a tackle in college, but he will most certainly be a guard or right tackle in the NFL. However, in KC's blocking scheme, his large size and power-blocking ability might not be appreciated. Probably a second rounder, too. So we can get someone else along with this guy.


Matt Reynolds!



Matt is another one of the brutes in this draft. 6'6, nearly 330 pounds, his run-blocking is tip-top and although his foot speed is moderately slow and he struggles getting to the edge versus speed rushers, that could all be learned over time. Perfect for a right tackle.


Kelechi Osemele!



Kelechi is another one of the guard/tackle hybrids. He's big enough(6'5, 335 pounds) and strong enough to duel it out with defensive tackles, and his agility on the move is very good, but he's also athletic and tall enough to play something like right tackle. Once again, his run-blocking is elite. Probably will make it to the 2nd round.


David DeCastro!



The best guard prospect in the draft, David DeCastro just excels at everything a lineman is supposed to do. He's a stonewall in pass-protection, a bulldozer in run-blocking, and a living nightmare for linebackers when he pulls. He's got ideal NFL guard size (6'5, 315 pounds), is very athletic, has quick feet and has great hands. Along with fellow first rounder Jonathan Martin, David helped form arguably the greatest O-line in college ball at Stanford.

Other possible options for later rounds...

Nate Potter, LT, Boise State, 6'6 295 pounds.

Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin, 6'4 310 pounds.

Mike Adams, T, Ohio State, 6'8 320 pounds.

Ricky Wagner, T/G, Wisconsin, 6'6 320 pounds.

The point of this post wasn't just to highlight potential O-linemen to draft, it was also to discuss the future of the O-line position wise.

Think of a line like this...

LT: 1st round LT or Branden Albert.

LG: Branden Albert (I like Branden at LT, he could possibly be a Pro Bowler, but his potential at guard is incredible, like 2010's All-Decade team incredible), or a 1st/2nd round pick.

C: Rodney Hudson (Wieg has done some great things in KC, but he's getting old. He's definitely the weakest part of our line, and Rodney's size and nastiness is the future).

RG: Jon Asamoah (he has really stepped up his game since Brian Waters left, and could definitely be a Pro Bowler in the future, he's got good size, but he's also one of the flat out fastest O-linemen in the league today).

RT: 1st/2nd rounder or maybe B-Rich again.

It seems apparent to me now that having the leagues smallest O-line is not an advantage, it's a detriment. What's the point of being able to hit LB's on the second level if the interior of the line can't hold their blocks long enough due to their lack of size? The leagues best O-lines are the big, mean ones. Do you think Atlanta, New Orleans, New England, and Cincinatti's O-lines got to be the best just by being mobile? No, they're the best because they're bigger, meaner, and better than the guy across from them. And that's something we've been missing in KC since Willie Roaf and Will Shields left.

The oldest and smallest members of our O-line are Casey Wiegmann and Ryan Lilja. They are still servicable, but they will have to go soon. I like the idea of this new line because it's just as if not more mobile than our current line (for Jamaal) and will also be big enough for a power runner (like Jackie Battle or Le'Ron McClain). That way we can use almost any RB we want, and our O-line will be able to handle it.

So, your thoughts? Am I wrong in wanting a bigger O-line?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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