We wanted coach Superman, but all we got is Clark Kent

Ive posted this elsewhere, but I HAVE to post again.

I will attempt to spit some knowledge and try to sound as objective as possible.
First and foremost, There is NO tactical advantage to naming Palko as the starter on Sunday. Anyone with at least one eye can see that Palko does not belong in the NFL. Sorry, im sure he’s a nice dude, but nice personality does not translate to nice on the field. Lovie Smith isnt playing these games, we know, Hanie is the starter and thats that. Its obvious that if Haley starts Palko, it has nothing to do with Orton’s ability to pick up even a watered down version of the playbook(as if our playbook wasnt watered down enough), but its his cock-headed arrogance, which will be his downfall.
Everyone and their mother called for the lynching(no pun intended) of Coach Herman Edwards after the 3rd year, we declined, from the year before, lost players, didnt have much talent and the seats in Arrowhead were empty. Fine, so be it. I personally liked Herm, he didnt have much talent to work with, but his teams were disciplined.
Haley BEFORE Charlie Weiss, has not provided this team with any offensive continuity, no rhythm, no passion, no effort, in fact even at times looking like the spoiled kid who wont eat his brussel sprouts before he can leave the dinner table.
Enter SUPER BOWL WINNING coordinators, in Charlie and Romeo and a rebuilding process seems to look accelerated due to a weak schedule and good coaching, which I attribute to the coordinators themselves. not by any “system” haley did or did not implement. Once it was rumored that weiss was leaving, The Kansas City Chiefs have NOT put together ONE SINGLE CONSISTENT OFFENSIVE PERFORMANCE. In fact, we’ve regressed back to Haley’s first year. To end the 2010 season, we got smoked by Oakland in our house and then the Ravens came in and kicked our bells around, IN OUR HOUSE. Whether or not Haley and Charlie did or did not get along is irrelevant, the fact is, when you replace someone, at least make a lateral move, not a downgrade. That was not done. Enter Muir, this dude is 145 years old and been coaching in the league since Tom Landry was in middle school and not one single coach has allowed him to call the plays, wouldnt common sense tell you something about that? I thought Haley knew offense? I thought he said that he was “evaluating” the play calling in the preseason. Speaking of which, our preseason was HORRIFIC. Of course, when I spoke on it to other Chief fans, the same crap spewed out which was, its preseason, wins dont count. I understand that Moron, but its not the score, its how you play, its performance-based, and we saw NOTHING on the field that suggested, we have another good year coming. Now, of course, people will bring up the shortened off-season, but we did not have any disadvantage over any other team and yet, other teams are playing just fine. Even the winless Colts are scoring more points than us. what?
So, i gave Muir the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the old man is playing possum. Remember when Dick Vermeil came in, our preseason record was always horrible, offense was very vanilla and you just wondered what they hell was going on, only to find out Al Saunders(who we should have NEVER let go) was just going out running vanilla offenses on purpose to not allow future opponents to tip our hand. Fair enough

Game 1 against Buffalo IN ARROWHEAD. I dont even consider that game one, that was preseason game 5 and we looked like the lost deer in the middle of an african sahara being lurked on by a gang of hungry tigers. The offense was laughable, the defense was tired because they were on the field too long.
I thought Haley was supposed to be evaluating the play calling? Plays not coming in on time, lack of execution, Matt getting his clock cleaned, remember we had a healthy team on that day, minus Moeaki and we still added Breaston so, we didnt completely suffer. But how many rushing yards did Jamaal get? how many rushing TD’s did he get? we couldnt get him going, EVER. Muir calling 3 passing plays on consecutive down is NOT Kansas City chief football, did someone not tell him we were the number one rushing team, just a year ago?
Granted, Charles and Berry going down does hurt, but we are still a very talented team, we dont have the coaching on that side of the ball to utilize their players properly. McCluster keeps leaving the backfield and my heart stops every time. I HATE to say, I expect the ball to pop out when he leaves the first line of blockers. He’s a good player, but he does not scare anyone out the backfield. Where are the multiple formations, mis-direction, lining him up in space in trips, 4 wide, WR screens, bubble screens, shuffle passes, Wildcat formations. its just basic, off tackle, blah blah.

IF we are to believe haley from his own words, its HIS fault our team got CHOKED out by Buffalo and then Detroit. its his fault they came unprepared to play. Fine, so be it, we showed some improvement, but if it wasnt for our defense, that Oakland game would have been a completely different story, how we could not move the ball was just frustrating to watch. How coming off a BYE, letting a winless Miami team come in and give us a prostate exam and that Denver game to me is what ultimately lost my respect for haley. Running a back who was averaging 5 yards per carry in Battle, only 8 times? in 4 full quarters? seriously? and after the game he said, we had a hard time adjusting to the game. Isnt that what you are paid for? So, you are admitting to not having your team prepared to play and failing to adjust during games. why are you still employed? How was that Lil Wayne concert? and who on their right mind believes that tyler Palko has the skillset to be even a backup in the CFL, let alone the NFL?

Look, numbers dont lie. 3 years, Herm Edwards, 1 playoff appearance, 15 wins
Todd Haley, 3 years, 1 playoff appearance, 18 wins, not to mention 3 of the 4 worst home losses in Arrowhead history came with Haley at the helm. Does that not bother anyone but me? Arrowhead used to be place where you could count on, regardless of our record, regardless of what type of season we were having, you were coming in, in one piece and leaving on a stretcher. Haley doesnt know anything about Arrowhead Pride. He apparently doesnt seem to care because most of his press conferences sound the same. Are you telling me that we should keep a man who has had 3 offensive coordinators in 3 years. I dont care what QB you have under center, instability like that would cause some sort of confidence problem. So, Muir’s inability to call an effective gameplan and Haley inability to take over the ranks and put a spark and some creativity in this offense will be his downfall. Clark Hunt may not be the football guy his father was, but he is a business man and he saw the attendance on sunday against the steelers and all those damn terrible towels. So, unless he’s on a trip like in the movie Major League where the owner put together a crappy product on purpose to leave Cleveland, then he sees its bad for business to keep him on board and since we’d be changing OC’s AGAIN next year, why not just change the head coach and try to bring a new philosophy to this team. I mean, ok, so what happens if we keep haley one more year and he sucks. 4 YEARS 4 OC's/PLAYCALLERS Then the 2013 season would start when a new HC and OC anyway, we’d never get out of this “rebuilding” phase and our key players would have been out of their prime. We have a small window for success. With a MICRO SOFT AFC division this year, we had an opportunity to dominate, instead we looked like we belong in some developmental league. Not because of our players, but because of the way our players are being used.
Injuries are a part of the game, not an excuse to lose. a good coach can make the 3rd string running back, feel like he was born to be a starter and will get the best out of him. Anyone who states that Haley should keep his job because of KEY injuries, go have a quick tea time with the coach of the Texans or the Packers. In the game of football, business and in life, its not what happens to you, its how you deal with the situation is what determines your character.

I really believed he was the right man for the team. I gave him a pass in year 1, because how many coaches can turn around a team in one year(cough, Harbaugh)? Year 2, I didnt give him credit because Romeo and Charlie ran their respective squads effectively and efficiently. We had bumps and an easy schedule, but last year would have been a great stepping stone to this season if we had kept our coaching personnel in tact. Money flows up and BS flows down. Instability starting with the head coach is translating on to the field.

Just my 2 cents. Im sure Haley is a nice guy, but whatever “system” he’s trying to implement has not and will not work.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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