A Congratulations Letter from a Packer Fan.

Dear fans of the Kansas City Chiefs,

First off, congratulations on an amazing game. Everyone in my house watching the game cited the drops, the turf, penalties, and the crappy throws, however, I don’t think this was the case. It was your defensive backs playing as well as they could which didn’t allow the wr’s to get free and feel like they had to do SOMETHING to get free, as well as it was your defensive line, who put an unbelievably huge amount of pressure on Rodgers throughout the day.

From start to finish, this was an ugly game, and pretty teams such as the packers rarely win ugly. We’re not mudders, and the field definitely looked like something from Soldier field, however, if you want to be perfect, you've got to win games like this, and no excuses are to be given. The Chiefs flat out won that game. Your team definitely showed the blueprint on how to defeat the Packers, and teams like the Ravens and 49ers, who are built in similar molds stood up and took notice. Your front four is very powerful. I don’t know his name (Hali?), but the defensive end you’ve got may be in the top 5 of the NFL at the position.

Looking at things, I saw the press coverage, and I thought that Rodgers was going to eat your team up alive. Instead, it was the Chiefs secondary who ate us up. I personally didn’t agree with some of the penalties and felt there were some holds I thought weren’t called; however, they were or were not called and the Packers didn’t learn from it nor did they overcome from it.

Normally, we are a good second half team, and mid-game adjustments are what we do well. I fully expected to see Ryan Grant get more carries in the second half to take some of the pressure off of Rodgers. Grant was the only one who was ready to play today. McCarthy failed to adjust, and in a gameplan as rigid as Mike Martz, we failed. We were uninspired, flat, undisciplined, and outmatched. I sincerely hope that your GM and owner took notice of Romeo Crennell’s coaching today and give him a job. The state of Missouri has been hit by the football injury bug worse than anyone; and the stars for Kansas City have been demolished. Cassell, Charles, and Berry are critical pieces to the puzzle that you don’t have, yet still you took it to us and your defense has been bringing it all year long. Given Berry and Charles, the Packers may have lost by more than 2 scores. I don't know if Cassel is an improvement over Orton. I just don't know.

Many people are going to say that we should have won this game; that we let this game slip through our fingers and lost on our bid on perfection. I say the Chiefs took this game to the Packers. We may have had it on our fingertips, but the Chiefs defense was holding the string, and they pulled it hard and fast whenever we got close to it. The Chiefs dictated what the Packers what was going to happen. They forced us to play the way we did and we didn’t play like shit because we were unprepared. We played like shit because the Chiefs made us play like shit. One could site the drops, the penalties – whatever as the reason why we lost. No, the reason why we lost lies inside the Chiefs Locker Room.

Although you are not headed for the playoffs this year, hold your heads high – you should have been the division leaders if not for those injuries. Next year, your team will be a very good team and contend for the playoffs for sure. Given your amazing defense, your offense doesn’t need a heck of a lot. Your prospects are high, you gave the champs a bloody nose.

Perhaps this is also a thank you letter. You may have given the NFL a blueprint as to how to beat us, but few teams have a defensive line as dominant as yours; they won’t be able to not just consistently, but constantly put pressure on our line. It really was blood in the water and your line were the sharks. Few teams are able to cover press man as widely without even a single hole in coverage. Perhaps no other team will be able to do both simultaneously. Also, you can bet your bottom dollar that Mike McCarthy will have his guys ready to play the rest of the year. All he will have to do is point to this game where the Chiefs kicked our asses and tell his team, "When you are unprepared, uninspired, and not ready to handle your business, the other team will kill you."

Congratulations on your win Sunday. You deserve every ounce of accolade you get and more. Good luck in the future and I hope we see each other in the Super Bowl next season or at least in the regular season. I want a chance for our team's redemtion. This one put a bad taste in the mouths of Wisconsin fans... and it wasn't the cheese.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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