The "AP" Bar Scene

Just wanted to give all of AP the recap of this year's annual AP Christmas party. Let me first say that it was a privilege and an honor to be invited to this shin dig. Being a Newbe and all, I was very surprised when my invitation came in the mail. "What?" you say, why didn't you get an invite. Don't ask me, talk to the Thorman boys.

Any who, with out further ado, won't you please step to the edge and take the plunge with won't want to miss this one!!!

So, like I said the surprise invitation comes in the mail and off to KC I go. I leave Long Island and meet NJChiefsFan at Newark airport for the trip over. NJ was nice enough to chaperone the "newbe" to the party. The only problem was NJ only wanted to talk about Snookie and the Jersey Shore crowd. What troubled me the most was finding out they're really from Long that's enough to make me want to, not just vomit but actually move to Jersey!!!

After getting our rental car, we proceeded to drive to The City. We finally arrive and get out to stretch our legs and take in the place. KALO's Bar & Grille. Sounds great we said and started for the door. Just before we could grab for the handle, some youngin' comes up and asks if we could get him in. We said sorry Bud, and we both realized it was ProbablyYoungerThanAllOfYou. I guess he is, cause the Bouncer wasn't letting him in!

Speaking of the Bouncer, he was a huge man, one of those guys you just don't want to mess with. So he says, "Welcome to KALO's boys enjoy yourself, it's me MasCervasa!" I gave Mas a big bear hug and felt something crack but I pressed on.

OK, AP now picture the scene before me. It's a local pub, nice atmosphere and a cast you can not believe. First thing I see is Bewsaf and Prof Mills breaking down OL film and discussing the Xs and Os of Chief football. These guys are hard core I say to myself, true Dat. Just down the bar from them is Sask, Craig, Grayt1 and the rest of our Great White Notherners....drinking some Molson and bragging about how Neil Peart is the greatest drummer ever.

As I survey down the bar some more I see some dude with an Armadillo on his shoulder. What the @#$%....oh it's just Tarkus. Next to him are two women who would just take your breath away, I stuff my tongue back in my mouth and gave a wave to LadyChief and WorL. They were just laughing at the fact, of why they really even debate some of the boys on AP threads, when they know women are always right. Right guys? Yes Dear!

Of course behind the bar was K-man himself. He was whipping up cocktails and keeping everyone happy! One of the happiest, was J-man, he was so happy because he finally came out of the closest and admitted he was a Chief fan. Enite introduced himself and is still wondering what has Happened to AP. The true gemtleman that he is, he brought me around to meet some of the gang. I met, SCKS, CWP, BAMF and TRS who were all playing a shady game of dice in the back.

From there I see two big fellas playing a game of pool. No, no, AP keep your minds out of the gutter, it wasn't pocket pool! It was Ups and Steve playing a game of 8 ball. Loser shaves off his beard. I think they're still playing...i kept hearing 'double or nothing". Just to the side of the pool table was a little booth with MN and Baja (or BJ, who knows) either way, they were with their.....lets just say, much, much better halves.

Just behind me was some hootin' and hollerin'. It was Nanz doing some wicked Poly dance and driving all the ladies wild! Through the gyrations I see a private table with some heavy hitters. There sat TexasChief, goSaleanua, ravenhawk, the scootness, Lanier63, cowboynchrist and a few others. Let me just say the table was littered with empties. It reminded me of a Rat Pack table back in the day.

We all knew it was a party when out from the DJ booth came an Herbaceous aroma. All I could see through the smoke was a bunch of Arrows;.....Undead, Spread and Dread. Getting everyone moving was of course the house DJ....HIV, he was spinning out some crazy, funk off his 33 vinyls. I couldn't help but notice Aiken and dubld looking extremely uncomfortable standing close together under a sprig of mistletoe.

At the dart board was Chiefsfan85 trying to divide Flowers24 by 33 or 25...ah shit I can't remember. But they were battling it out with RevSlappy and Satchmo. One dart Satch threw almost hit CPTcaveman, who was all but passed out on a stool. I don't think the guy next to him realized he was passed out because he just kept telling him to RememberDelaney and with good reason...God Bless his soul.

The night was winding down and I just took a moment to take it all God what a bunch of wonderfully dysfunctional human beings!!! It really made me feel right at home. From the conversations I had during the night, some amazing things came to light. First off, did you know that NICK is not BRITTtish. Gats is not average at all and Shotty is well not shotty. That ChiefRagnarok always goes commando and that RAM21 is actually a Leo. What really blew my mind was finding out that Chief-blinders-on, really doesn't wear glasses. TheGentry is a real living descendent of Jack the Ripper! Or that CatChief really hates cats. And NateforChiefs is still hanging in there after almost a full year....(don't think I'm not ready for your anniversary my friend, January 10th..I believe)

P.S. RAWKC actually talks in uppercase, it is the wildest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know AP your thinking where in the hell are the Thorman boys, well I heard they were having a sleepover and Joel is wearing his ninja feety pajamas. Oh and BTW the Thromans did foot the bill (lol....well this is factual fiction right!)

The grand finally came at the very end of the night when Stag came around and edited us all out for our use of obscene gestures, language and the like. All and all folks it was a night I will never forget. One of the best days of my life, to finally meet my AP family face to face. BTW some of those faces will haunt me forever. Just picturing Ups or Steve without those beards....eeek.

Can't wait for next year!!! Peace and Love my friends!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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