Chiefs Beat Packers: Five Good Stats

The Kansas City Chiefs kept the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers from perfection on Sunday in a 19-14 victory. We look at five good (and bad) stats following each game and this set of stats is very balanced. Both the Chiefs offense and defense did very good things on Sunday.

Here are five good stats from the Sunday stunner for the Chiefs:

36:11. Chiefs time of possession. The best way to beat Aaron Rodgers? Keep him off the field. The Chiefs offense moved efficiently, quickly getting the play calls in and getting to the line of scrimmage but they were also able to sustain drives and hang onto the ball. This might go down as the most important stat of the game for the Chiefs, something Kyle Orton hinted at in his postgame press conference.

9.6. Yards per passing play. This is usually under five, at least with the Tyler Palko-led Chiefs. But Orton's presence created a legitimate threat for the Chiefs, especially in the medium range passing game. 23-of-31 passing for 299 yards is not only a very accurate game but one in which the Chiefs were able to move the ball up and down the field.

0. First half points for the Packers. That's the first time the Packers have gone scoreless in the first half since their 2010 season finale against the Chicago Bears. Yes, the Chiefs played better against the Packers in the first half than anyone has in nearly a year. Holding the Packers scoreless in the first quarter was also a victory as only three other teams have done that this year. The Chiefs showed up from start to finish and made a statement in the first half. The Packers receivers dropped a few balls but credit the Chiefs ability to push around the Green Bay receivers in this one.

4. Sacks by the Chiefs defense. To beat the Packers you have to A.) pressure Aaron Rodgers and B.) play good coverage. The Chiefs did both of those and they were able to due in large part to Tamba Hali, who had a three-sack game. He was a constant pressure, as were the Chiefs other linebackers. Allen Bailey, in particular, drilled Rodgers right up the middle on one play. The Chiefs pass rush is getting stronger as the season goes on.

10. Different Chiefs receivers that caught a pass. I didn't expect that, not from a new quarterback. Kyle Orton spread the ball around wonderfully, including somehow, someway making Leonard Pope an integral part of the passing game. The Chiefs passing offense seemed like a strength for the first time in....well, a long time.

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