Trade JC to the Colts for their 1st Overall



Yeah ok, I can't sleep and I'm stil a bit gaga over our awesome WIN and defeating the 13-0 Pack. I've read so much of hoopla from RAC city to retaining Bowe, Carr, signing Orton to a 3 year deal while we develop a young QB. Thus, I thought for a moment and was like... why not stir things up a bit. Let's trade our greatest asset and offensive weapon for a chance to acquire the 1st Overall Pick in 2012 draft? At least then, our thoughts of drafting this guy or that guy becomes a reality!

I know it sounds crazy and 99% of APers are gonna think I'm out of my mind. Let's say Pioli do offer up our 1st in 2012 and JC to the Colts for their 1st overall in 2012, would Bill Polian do it?

Before you guys think I'm high on something, I must confess that I do not dislike JC. As a matter of fact, I love the guy to death, love watching him play very much and thinks mighty highly of what he has been to the team and what he is. But he alone can't take us to the SB. So hear me out after the jump...and then you can get mad and scream at me.

With the 1st Overall Pick, we are able to for the first time, build and develop a QB from within - choose between Luck, RG3 or Barkley? There's been so many post in AP about what makes up a championship caliber team. It's been consistent in everyones post that a QB is the key. Reference the past 10 years SB champs, you can see names such as Brees, Roethlisberger, Eli, Brady and Rodgers. All those teams won because of not just a great team, but a great QB. I know some of you may say, we need a better O-Line, so the need is to draft O-line. But Orton today, proven that a great QB play most often elevates the play of a mediocre O-Line. Ben and Aaron won with so so O-line. Great teams rally when their leader is awesome. That is the true future of your Kansas City Chiefs. Sometimes, making the tough decisions aren't easy to swallow but it may be good for the long haul. Great things comes with great sacrifice. We sacrifice now...while JC is in his prime for a QB that'll be around for 12-14 years of great KC football. JC could be awesome for another 2-4 years? 5 years at best?

May we find another JC down the road, possibly not. But can we draft another good-to-great RB, possibly. Think back when we traded away Jared Allen, everyone was sad. Because you didn't think some dude named Hali was gonna come along, right? When we traded away Tony G, we didn't think someone like Moeaki was gonna step up, right? When Priest went down, we didn't think LJ could take over? And when KC drafted JC, we didn't think he'd become what he is today. So my point is - no one in the NFL will give you a sure thing when the sure thing is a proven commodity. But when you have a sure thing that possess a great value for trading up, it's a chance to capitalize on other teams wanting to take the easy road - buying your proven player. We have to build the team through the draft. Though I like a FA here and FA there, but I'm a true believer in building through the draft and developing your own players.

Why now and why trade away our own developing stud RB? Because not every draft brings such a great QB prospects but every year, there's great RB prospects. Todd Blackledge was so so long ago. If KC was ever gonna draft a QB again in the 1st round, it is in 2012.

OK! Now you guys can yell at me.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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