Packers Vs. Chiefs: 5 Questions With The Enemy

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 1: Brandon Albert #76 of the Kansas City Chiefs tackles Pat Lee #22 of the Green Bay Packers during a preseason game at Lambeau Field on September 1, 2011 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs host the Green Bay Packers in a few hours and I talked with SB Nation's Packers blog, Acme Packing Company, about the game.

We talk about some of the unknown players in this game, what Packers fans complain about since their team is unbeaten and whether Aaron Rodgers is having the greatest season in NFL history.

Name one offensive player on the Packers we don't know but will after the game.

Maybe Marshall Newhouse, if Tamba Hali treats him like a revolving door on Sunday. I don't expect most people know who FB John Kuhn is. Because of a couple injuries at running back, I expect he'll be taking some snaps there on Sunday. He's usually the short yardage guy, and he's a fan favorite. So you should expect to hear some chants of KUUUHHHNNN echoing in the stadium when he gets the ball. And it's very possible he'll score a touchdown.

Name one defensive player on the Packers we don't know but will after the game.

I don't expect inside linebacker Desmond Bishop to return from his calf injury this week, so rookie D.J. Smith should start. He's a 6th round pick from Appalachian State who wasn't a draft prospect because he played at a small school, and he's too small (5-11) to play inside linebacker. But the Packers saw a tackling machine. He's started the last two games, and recorded 18 tackles. He grabbed his first career INT last week, and got the game ball from coach McCarthy. He'll be around the ball a lot on Sunday.

What's one weakness on the Packers that the Chiefs should attack?

It's got to be the Packers secondary. Without Collins at safety, Morgan Burnett is showing his inexperience and Charlie Peprah is showing that he's not very good. Attack the middle, and deep middle, with backs and tight ends. But the Packers are very good at forcing turnovers, they lead the NFL in interceptions, so the Chiefs will have to be able to run the ball and force their linebackers and safeties to cover too much ground in the middle of the field.

How's it feel to be undefeated? What do Packers fans complain about?

As you might expect, the complaints are minimal this season. Winning is a good solution to nearly every problem. There's been some grumbling with the secondary when they've struggled in games against the Chargers and the Giants. The defense has taken a step back this season because they lost Pro Bowl S Nick Collins to a season ending neck injury, and DE Cullen Jenkins in free agency.

Is Aaron Rodgers having the greatest NFL season in history?

I have trouble comparing players to other players since I don't watch every game. But I'm certainly spoiled by Rodgers. 70% completion, 300 yards, and 3 TDs per game is just expected. I'm most impressed with his consistency: he hasn't had anything resembling an off-game this season. His consistency is certainly the reason they're unbeaten. They have some problems on defense, but Rodgers compensates for them. Based on the results, leading his team to victory every week, it's certainly measuring up as an all-time great season.

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