Some corrections about McD's time in Denver

There is a lot of discussion going on about McD's merits as a HC. There are some very good points being brought up against him, but some of the things quoted are incorrect or misleading. I'll try and list them here.

  • Yes the Broncos finished 2008 as the team with the 2nd best offense, in yards. In points scored they were 16th.
  • He didn't come in like some whirlwind and fire everyone and hire his brother. Most of the staff didn't move on until 2010. His brother was hired as a coaching assistant (very little responsibility) in 2009 and promoted to QB coach in 2010. Mike McCoy, the previous QB coach/OC moved to just serving as OC in 2010.
  • He did not sign 6 Patriot free agents. Not sure where that number comes from. He signed 3: Jabar Gaffney, Lonnie Paxton, and Lamont Jordan. Jabar Gaffney was their best receiver for awhile there. Lonnie Paxton is still their starting long snapper. Lamont Jordan sucks (they can't all be winners). He did sign one more NE Patriot in 2010, but released him one month later.
  • McDaniels arguably had a number of good FA signings: Dawkins was a stud, Lonnie Paxton is still their LS, Jabar Gaffney had 700+ then 800+ yards in consecutive seasons, Correll Buckhalter rushed for 600+ yards in 2009, Darrell Reid had 4 sacks in a backup OLB role, Renaldo Hill was their other starting safety, Andre Davis started 13 games and had 67 solo tackles and 3.5 sacks... I'm going to stop there but you can see that his FA signings provided serviceable players.
  • He traded Cutler for Orton. That much is true. But what others have failed to mention is that he got two first rounders and a third in addition to Orton (while giving up a 5th). Two first rounders?? That's a good trade. Also, Orton had 3800+ yards, 21 TD's, and 12 picks in 2009 while Cutler had 3600+ yards, 27 TD's, and 26 picks. Orton arguably had an equal or better year than Cutler! While getting two first round picks! Are you crazy? I would take that deal any day. The Bears do well because they are a good team with a great defense, not because Cutler is some elite quarterback. Orton also had 3600+ yards and 20 TD's and only 9 picks in 2010, another good year. W/L isn't all on the quarterback.
  • Moreno was the starting back in Denver for his first two years. He rushed for almost 1000 yards in his rookie campaign. He isn't a world beater, but he isn't terrible. He has certainly has had a better career than Donald Brown, who was the next RB taken (after that there were some studs - Chris Wells and LeSean McCoy). Robert Ayers is the starting LDE for Denver and has been since 2010 (was a starting OLB in 2010... thanks to those that corrected me). Robert Quinn is not a FB, Robert Quinn is a TE and is not out of the league, he plays for the Redskins (but yes he does only have 1 catch).
  • Trading up for Alphonso Smith was not a bad move in my opinion. Trading him away might have been but who knows what else was going on (maybe a locker room distraction or something?? not sure). And Dan Gronkowski is not out of the league, he plays for New England behind his brother, Rob.
  • Peyton Hillis has had one good year where he rushed for 1100+ yards and 11 TD's. He had 54 yards rushing in 2009. He wasn't exactly doing much for the team. He has not scored 19 TD's with the Browns. He has scored 13 (15 if you count receiving). He has 19 carrer TD's. Brady Quinn is a serviceable backup in my opinion (I for one wouldn't mind having some better backup QB's here in KC). More on his QB moves later...
  • No idea about the 6-2, 2-6 thing, but yeah it was a bad collapse.
  • Supposedly Marshall and Scheffler were benched due to disciplinary reasons. I would be upset if my coach put forward the idea that players can act however they want if they are good. I don't want the next T.O. on our team. Everyone complains that Baldwin is a diva but then come down on McD for punishing Marshall for acting the same way.
  • He got two 2nd rounders for Marshall and a 5th for Scheffler. Not sure I agree with the Scheffler trade but two 2nd's for Marshall was a straight steal for a distracting player.
  • If I remember correctly, Jacksonville swore up and down that they would pick Tebow if he was there in the first for them (they didn't take him early on, but there was talk of them trading back into the first to get him). Multiple teams were talking about taking him around where he ended up going. McDaniels wanted Tebow and moved up to get him. Now Tebow is winning games. Not sure how any of that can be construed as a bad move in my opinion.
  • Bradford may or may not be the fault of McDaniels. StL is just terrible all around this year and has a downright awful OLine.
  • He alienated the fans and media because they all were drooling over Cutler who they thought was the next Elway. Clearly McD thought different and wanted his own QB in there. If they had let McDaniels stay, he would now be winning games with Tebow in there and everyone would think he was a genius. Bottom line is I think he was a little immature while in Denver, but he was also very young and I'm sure has matured since then.
  • Everyone continues to make points about him bringing in Simms, Orton, and Quinn as if that was a bad move. He brought in competition. There is never anything wrong with that.
  • I feel like there is a legitimate argument about his conduct and ability to rally players around him. I do not feel like a legitimate argument can be made about his personnel decisions.
  • His 2009 draft wasn't his best, but he was just hired in January. Pioli didn't have a great '09 draft either and he was hired two days after McDaniels. It is hard to have a good draft when you only have 4 months to prepare (as opposed to 12).

Look my point here is not that we should all accept McDaniels into our hearts and stadium with open arms. I'm not saying we shouldn't debate if he really is a good coach or not. All I'm saying is that when we debate, we don't quote incorrect facts. We all love this team and want what is best for it. It is ok that we disagree what that best thing may be at times. Also, listen to Michael Lombardi's interview on here and then tell me you don't at least have a little confidence that McDaniels can make it happen here in KC:

Make sure to choose Michael Lombardi's interview

EDIT: Took out the personal stuff and tried to clarify which points were simply facts (what happened when and who went where) and what stuff is my personal opinion (this move was good, this move was bad). I apologize to saints for calling him out. It was late, I was mad, and I made a mistake. It was pretty unprofessional.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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