The "Expert" Mock: What The Outsiders Are Saying

Rather than just a repeat of every other mock draft. I want to take a look at what the guys who make money on this thing are saying. Let's see what the people removed from the situation think of as being the Chiefs' biggest needs. I've paraphrased the reasons for each pick and offered my own reaction.


I tried to take just the top 10 that showed up, but Riley Reiff and Jonathan Martin became too much of a recurring theme.

Each of these mocks had Luck, Barkley, and Griffin off the board before the Chiefs got their chance.

Walter Football: *Believes Chiefs will land Peyton Manning.*

Chiefs Pick #12 - Landry Jones - QB - Oklahoma: The Chiefs need a QB, and in this draft, he's the best of what's left. With Todd Haley out, Matt Cassel isn't far behind.

My Grade: C+. Sure, the Chiefs need a QB, but Jones at #12 is reaching too far. He could still be on the board in the 2nd, and if not, he's not much of an upgrade over the next QB, Ryan Tannehill. If the Chiefs really see something in Jones, they should consider trading back to get him. The value just isn't there.

Draft Countdown:

Chiefs Pick #15 - Dontari Poe - DT - Memphis: The Chiefs have youth and talent at almost every position. Poe is an athletic freak who could make an immediate impact at one of the positions still in question.

My Grade: B. Poe definitely upgrades a position that is in question, but the Chiefs have bigger needs that could be addressed here. With the improved play of the Chiefs defense, I don't see how this pick isn't used on the offensive side of the ball.

Bleacher Report:

Chiefs Pick #12 - Riley Reiff - OT - Iowa: The Chiefs need help at the OT position and Reiff represents an opportunity to upgrade both spots by moving Albert over to the right side.

My Grade: A. I don't know that Reiff will be the LT that Bleacher Report is thinking, but he definitely beats out Barry Richardson at RT for sure. That is huge for our QB, but even more so for our running game. Reiff is a step in the right direction towards getting a dominant O-line like we had under Vermeil. Except this one will be in place for a much longer run.

NFL Draft Geek: *Believes the Chiefs should trade up to get their QB*

Chiefs Pick #11 - Jonathan Martin - OT - Stanford: With the QBs off the board, the Chiefs need to upgrade the O-line. Another guy who believes Albert needs to be moved to the right side.

My Grade: A. I do believe that Jonathan Martin is the LT that this expert pegs him as. This moves Albert to the right side which, though I'm not a huge fan of, I can definitely take as an upgrade. The rest of my reaction is the same as it was to Riley Reiff. A dominant O-line can make any RB/QB combination look twice as good as they really are.

SB Nation:

Chiefs Pick #12 - Jonathan Martin - OT - Stanford: Martin is versatile to play either side and makes JC more effective on the outside.

My Grade: A. Didn't I just do this? Another vote for Martin. Another vote for OT.

Rant Sports:

Chiefs Pick #12 - Riley Reiff - OT - Iowa: Rant Sports says Albert needs to be flat out replaced and the Chiefs would be smart to do it with Reiff.

My Grade: A. Another OT. Reiff and Martin running neck and neck.

Draft Tek:

Chiefs pick #15 - Jonathan Martin - OT - Stanford: *No analysis provided*

My Grade: A. So this is getting pretty repetitive.


Chiefs Pick #10 - Trent Richardson - RB - Alabama: He's the best player on the board at this point and takes the Chiefs running game from good to unstoppable. "Who needs a quarterback when you can run Charles and Richardson at defenses all day."

My Grade: B-. It would be an awesome backfield to be sure. Teams would be so focused on trying to stop our running attack that any QB would look pretty good behind center. But at #10? I can't help but think that this pick could be better spent at a position of actual need. This would be a gamble by Pioli.

Football Draft Notebook:

Chiefs Pick # 14 - Manti Te'o - ILB - Notre Dame: Big and physical to occupy blockers and let Derrick Johnson make plays. Jack of all trades, master of none type of player. Good fit for the 3-4, and should contribute immediately.

My Grade: B. A solid pick who should be an immediate upgrade. However, with Siler and Belcher, the Chiefs aren't in a dire position at SILB. The needs of this team are largely on the offensive side of the ball, and I don't see how the Chiefs can afford to overlook that.

Sporting News:

Chiefs Pick #11 - Zach Brown - OLB - North Carolina: Chiefs need to find a pass rusher opposite of Tamba Hali.

My Grade: F. I don't know for sure when this mock was put together, but that really doesn't matter. This is a terrible pick after getting Justin Houston last year. Houston was a 1st rd talent who fell to the 3rd because of a failed drug test. His recent play has shown that the game is starting to slow down and make sense to him. Brown would be a wasted pick.

So the overall consensus (except for Walter Football) seems to be that the Chiefs don't get their QB. There are a couple who think we should trade to get our QB, but most don't mention that option. With QBs off the board, it looks like most people think the Chiefs should be going OT. I can't argue with that. Barry Richardson clearly can't hang as a starter, and Albert gets beat a little too often to be protecting the left.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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