A Letter to Chiefs Fans from a Chief Fan

Never in my life have I been a Bigger Chiefs fan. We have a great core of talent, injuries aside, and when we have the right coaching in place we will be perenial Super Bowl favorites. I know some of you cynics think I'm crazy, but we have weapons all over the place on offense and defense. Our kicker is good and our special teams returners are dangerous. All we need is the right head coach, ie. Harbough. We destroyed the 49'ers last year and with the same personal, Harbough has that team playing as if we went back in time.

I have never liked our personal this much in my entire fan-hood of being a Chiefs fan. Granted I am a young buck but it feels good. Ex. Larry Johnson was a douche. Trent Green and Priest were awesome but who was our defense again? I was happy when we picked up Patrick Surtain, but yea you see what I mean. Our team is friends with each other. They hang out and our cool with everyone on the team. Cassel had Baldwin our first round pick over for weeks during the lock out, practicing and cleaning up Joplin. Our D-backs rock. A Young secondary ready to shut it down when everything falls into place. We have guys from Alabama and LSU talking crap on tweeter about their college teams playing each other. My last jersey I bought since Tony Gonzalez was D. Bowe his rookie year. I saw a stat the other day (not exact), Player 1 season average receiving stats: 991rec. yds, 6 TDS and Player 2 average receiving stats: 950rec. yds, 7 TDS. Player A was Andre Johnson and D. Bowe was Player B.

I read a column about Chiefs fans becoming negative and bringing down other Chiefs fans. I have contributed a few FanPosts here with ArrowheadPride in the past regarding the 2012 off-season and Draft because I knew weeks ago our season was essentially over but I still remain hopeful for the future. In the pre-season I was excited for our team for all the new acquisitions we had; Steve Breaston, Le'ron McClain, Baldwin, Houston, etc. After watching the pre-season I saw something was wrong, a few weeks later the injuries started mounting up. After reeling off four wins, I still wasn't satisfied. Our defense versus Oakland scored as many points as the offense and the offense had great field position from 6 interceptions. Not 3, not 4, not 5, 6 interceptions. So the defense scored the same amount of points as the offense. The offense by the way scored with Javier Arenas, a defensive back, playing the wildcat.

So with serveral more weeks of terrible offensive outings it became obvious that someone had to be held accountable. We beat the Bears in arguably our best defensive effort since playing the 49'ers last year. We all know the rest the following week. Todd Haley has been fired, Crennel steps in. I liked Todd Haley as our coach. He seemed cool and even went to a Lil'Wayne concert with some of the players. But coming from Arizona as an "offensive" minded coach, he didn't live up to expectations. When the axe did fall I felt bad for Haley but I was happy ownership addressed how the fans felt. (although, I think I would have preferred Stanzi put in and Muir fired, but it is what it is)

But never in the last 10 years have I been more of a fan. I was upset by the poor offensive outings and personal decisions (Jared Gaither released instead of pulling Richardson out to see what we have in Gaither), but we have had two great drafts in three years, we picked up good free agents. Not great, big name free agents but really good free agents. Le'Ron McClain should goto the pro-bowl this year and Breaston can be a great Slot or No.2 receiver, if we had a quarterback or a head coach/Offensive coordinator who can bring out Cassels full potential.

Great Coaches call games based on everyones strengths. Some one had a post that Harbaugh got brought on to the 49'ers with better talent then our team, I respect the opinion but I think we have far more talent. Coaching is the most important part of a team, and its not even close.

(ex. Andy Reid coaching for the Eagles 5-6-7 years ago, they were in the NFC championship every year, with James Thrash as their No.1 receiver, and McNabb who looks terrible on every team not in Philadelphia. This year Andy has the best talent of his career and the expectations are obviousily to high or players aren't playing as hard)

So Chiefs fans, lets not get to down. We have an improven comodity in Stanzi and given the right coach, our quarterback need may be on the roster. Remember we have Berry and Charles returing next year. Moeaki and Cassel too. Derrick Johnson and Hali are locked up for years. We have $30 million under the cap, we have all our draft picks unlike Oakland, Atlanta, and New Orleans. Stay positive my Chief Nation Brethren. Brighter days will come.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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