Starting anyone other than Stanzi is a complete waste of time!

I hate to break it to you Chiefs fans but this team is no where near Super Bowl level and nothing will illustrate the maddening mindset of the Chiefs front office more that playing Orton this weekend.

Contrary to popular belief the goal of a professional football team should not be to try to win each week. It’s to win 1 week, in the case of the NFL the 1st week in February.

Every, let me repeat EVERY move the Chiefs make should be an answer to the question “Does this help us get to and win the Super Bowl?” Now let ask you Chiefs fans, when they acquired Orton is that what you thought “Super Bowl here we come?” If so could you please share what you’ve been smoking, it would have helped some of us watching Palco the last few weeks.

The only issue for the Chiefs right now is talent evaluation so they can go into the draft next year with at least informed decisions. I have no idea if Stanzi can play, but more importantly, neither do they. How is starting a journeyman qb that most likely won’t be with the team next year going to help? What’s the end game? I don’t see it.

Well I take that back, I do see it, it’s to sell seats and make money. You see to go with Stanzi or RGIII for that matter would mean a commitment to ‘rebuilding’, the word which must never be spoken. You see most rebuilding teams lose games, a lot of them. Peyton Manning 3-13, Cam Newton (who statically is having a better year) is 4-9 so far.

Even looking at Tom Brady, and Big Ben , the exceptions to this rule a fair evaluation of their games (when both reached the Super Bowl) would suggest they looked a lot more like Mark Sanchez does than the players we know today.

Losing teams play in front of half empty stadiums, period. That (not failing to get to the Super Bowl) is the outcome the Hunt’s fear the most.

So here we are again Chiefs fans at the end of another season without a sniff of the tile at a familiar crossroad. Which option will they choose?

1) Play the kid, if we have something use the draft to build around him and be patient with the process, or if he can’t play use the draft to get our franchise guy and be patient with the process

2) Start the journeyman, try to get to 8-8 and convince the suckers (fans) that we’re just 1 or 2 players away.

If they start Orton you’ll have your answer.

** One last note, I know, I’m one of the suckers. We’ve had season tickets in the family since 67. Why? My dad wanted to make sure my brother and I got to see pro football, even if your team was terrible. Looking back on it, I’m glad I can say I got to see the likes of Stabler, Fouts, Marino, Montana and Elway. Now that I have a son I want him to remember seeing Romo, Rivers, Big Ben, hell even Tebow. So no, I wont be giving up my tickets but I may be able to soon show him another proud football tradition, the brown paper bag!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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