32 NFL Head Coaching candidates

With the recent firing of Todd Haley, everyone is going crazy with who our next coach should be. Most of the names are Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher, and Josh McDaniels. I am going to dive into this search head first. I will go to all 32 NFL teams and pull one guy off of the staff that could potentially be an NFL Head Coach. Let's Go......

Buffalo Bills - Dave Wannstedt Assistant HC/Inside LB coach college coaching record of 42-31 NFL record of 82-86

Miami Dolphins - Mike Nolan DC NFL record of 18-37

NE Patriots - Bill O'Brien OC/QB coach No HC experience

NY Jets - Mike Pettine DC High School head coach experience

Baltimore Ravens - Chuck Pagano DC No head coach experience

Cincinnati Bengals - Jay Gruden OC AFL HC record of 93-61

Cleveland Browns - Mark Whipple QB coach College record of 121-51

Pittsburgh Steelers - John Mitchell Ast HC/DLine Coached DLine under Bear Bryant, Lou Holtz, Bill Cowher, Bill Belichick, and Mike Tomlin

Houston Texans - Wade Phillips DC NFL record of 82-59

Indianapolis Colts - Frank Reich WR coach Motivational speaker....yeah its a far far reach for the Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars - Dirk Koetter OC/QB coach College record of 66-44

Tennessee Titans - Jerry Gray DC Top DC for couple years with Bills

Denver Broncos - Dennis Allen DC Big part of Broncos success

KC Chiefs - Romeo Crennel HC/DC NFL record of 24-40

Oakland Raiders - Al Saunders OC 64yrs old....maybe not

SD Chargers - Clarence Shelmon OC Top OC in league

Dallas Cowboys - Rob Ryan DC No HC experience

NY Giants - Kevin Gilbride OC Outstanding OC

Philadelphia Eagles - Marty Mornhinweg Ast HC/OC NFL record of 5-27

Washington Redskins - Jim Haslett DC NFL record of 53-61

Chicago Bears - Mike Martz OC NFL record of 53-32

Detroit Lions - Scott Linehan OC NFL record of 11-25

GB Packers - Winston Moss Ast HC/LB coach Great with LB's and Ast HC on best team

Minnesota Vikings - Bill Musgrave OC OC and QB experience

Atlanta Falcons - Mike Mularkey OC NFL record of 14-18

Carolina Panthers - Mike Shula QB coach Oustanding job with Newton

NO Saints - Pete Carmichael JR. OC

TB Bucs - Greg Olson OC

Arizona Cardinals - Russ Grimm Ast HC/Run game Coordinator/OLine coach This man deserves his shot at HC

St Louis Rams - Josh McDaniels OC Obvious reasons

SF 49ers - Vic Fangio DC Leader of a great defense

Seattle Seahawks - Darrell Bevell OC

There you have it AP. 32 guys currently coaching who could possibly be our new coach in the near future.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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