What should the Chiefs do on draft day?

Should the Chiefs pick up a QB in the 2012 draft?

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The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback situation has been a joke recently, this leads everyone to believe we need to draft a quarterback with our first overall pick. No in my opinion unless Luck or Griffin is there when we pick we have to go with the boring but sure pick of a left tackle. Why? You may ask, because it wouldn't matter if who we have back there if our line can't protect and as of recently we have not been able to slow any pass rush down. Prime example and it was a running play, the safety we had against us in New York, a running play the O-line should be the first one off the ball and a safety on a running play is uncalled for, now I know it wasn't our left tackle that did that it still shows how bad we are on the line.

I am starting to think an O-line of first round LT, Lilja, Hudson, Asamoah, and Albert Would be a great young core of guys to step up and do what we need to do (I also think we need to bring in some beef at guard to maybe replace Lilja). We have to start up in our trenches on both sides of the ball, our defensive line needs to figure out a way to get a push up the middle, if Houston keeps working out like he has been and Hali is a beast like always if we could get a big guy to push the pocket up the middle than that would in my opinion double our sack counts easily.

That brings me to an alternate plan of drafting Memphis Nose Tackle Dontari Poe, I think he is the next Wilfork the guy is a beast at 350lbs and athletic. Look how much help Gregg is when he gets those pushes up the middle, DJ can do his own dominance on the opposing running backs, I think Poe can be that guy for years to come and with the new deal in place if we draft a guy that high it won't kill our pocket books like Tyson Jackson currently is.

Third plan this is if we don't get the QB, LT, or NT, we need to take a hard look at this guy Vontaze Burfict out of Arizona State. This guy is an animal on the field only downside I see with him is his maturity level, he has been having all kinds of problems off the field. We took a chance on a guy like this last year in Justin Houston and it seems to be paying off pretty nicely. If we don't end up taking him I would like to see Hightower from Alabama be taken but in later rounds.

This is my opinion only take it as you want to but I would love to see some discussions about these choices, thanks for reading.

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