Curing Cassel Syndrome

I'm writing to raise awareness of a terrible affliction that many Kansas City Chiefs' fans suffer from, some right here on AP, and to see if we can all come together to find a cure for this problem. This serious ailment to the mental capacity of fans is called Cassel Syndrome. The symptoms of this virus consist of a chronic inability to place blame on or hold accountable to the responsible person and attempt to shift blame to other parties. Early studies showed this syndrome to only apply towards discussions of Matt Cassel, where the name of the syndrome originated, with rare occassions of them being applied to other players. However, recent studies and signs indicate that Cassel Syndrome is spreading rapidly to discussions of the firing of Todd Haley. Media, bloggers, and fans alike seem to be affected by this in large numbers, and now is the time to do everything we can to get aid to those affected.

The origins of Cassel Syndrome started in 2009 with the beginning of Matt Cassel's tenure in Kansas City. Studies have found that the virus quickly affected the majority of Chiefs' fans within that first year, as many just couldn't hold Cassel responsible for his poor play, myself included, as the team around him was clearly terrible. The syndrome started to clear up through 2010 and was largely unnoticed with better play through most of the season. Small numbers of cases had been reported late in 2010, and began circulating in larger numbers early 2011. With continued terrible play and total regression from 2010 to 2011, Cassel Syndrome had been largely eradicated and sole blame had been laid at Cassel's feet by most fans.

With recent developments of Todd Haley's firing as head coach of the Chiefs, an alarming number of cases of Cassel Syndrome have been reported from all over the country. People everywhere suddenly came down with the symptoms of placing blame on everyone except Todd Haley for his release. We may be at the threshold of an epidemic sweeping across the fandom and media coverage of this team, so we need to act fast.

While Cassel Syndrome in correlation with Matt Cassel himself usually involved blaming several other factors/players for his terrible play, the virus has seemed to mutate and is causing people to aim the brunt of their blame for Todd Haley's failures at one specific person, and that is Scott Pioli.

With a bit of very simple research, we can hopefully find the cure to this problem. Scott Pioli hired Todd Haley as his first head coach being a GM. That right there should tell you enough to know that Pioli hitched his wagon to Haley, and any failure on Haley's part would reflect negatively on himself. That sounds like incentive enough to believe that Pioli would do everything in his power to ensure Haley was successful.

Exploring the actions from Pioli to help Haley, there was much dead weight released, many key players signed and traded for starting and depth positions, star players drafted, quality coaches brought in, what more could be asked for from a GM from his head coach? If you are unsure how to answer this question, and if you see this in your mind as what Pioli has been doing the last 3 seasons:

then you may need to be checked for Cassel Syndrome.

Pioli could have done no more than what we know for a fact he had done for Haley before his firing. On the other hand, in some CIA-style, black ops type of missons, it's quite possible that he actually had done more than we realize for Haley to get some wins this season.

Does anyone think Pioli blackmailed the Minnesota Vikings front office into trading for a washed-up, completely inept Donovan McNabb by threatening to release proof that Brett Favre, while in Minnesota, was actually already drawing Social Security before being officially retired?

Do you think Pioli has actually caused the set back to Peyton Manning's recovery from neck surgery by having Willie McGinest sneak into his bedroom at night and attack Peyton while he had put on his football gear in front of the mirror and was remembering the good ole days?

Do you think Pioli made a deal with Tim Tebow to cause the Philip Rivers fumble on Halloween in Arrowhead in exchange for his soul?

I think that the conspiracy theorist symptom that is connected with Cassel Syndrome in believing their was a "feud" or "rift" between Pioli and Haley could get on board with all of those theories.

Hopefully, the firing of Haley doesn't continue to gestate and harbor Cassel Syndrome, and the cure for this illness can be spread just as fast as the illness itself has seem to spread. Scott Pioli, as a GM, wanted Haley to succeed, if for none other than self-gradifiying reasons, and to think otherwise is a deeper case of Cassel Syndrome than can be cured here, and you should seek more intense treatment at your local bar. Todd Haley deserved to be fired, and while injuries to important players and some turnover in the coaching staff can be attributed to his demise, I implore you to cede to this quote by a fellow AP member who has been blessingly free of Cassel Syndrome: if you have to make up excuses for the coach, his job is already lost.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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