Should KC be looking to give Haley the axe after this season?

Truthfully, I have a really hard time laying ALL of the blame for the results we have seen this season at Haley's feet. The offense has been god-awful, and the defense has been high and low. But I blame the short off season and the devastating injuries early in the year for most of the problems we're seeing. It's late in the NFL season and we're just now seeing the rest of the league starting to play to form with the exception of Green Bay who have been lights out in every way all year. Bottom line is KC is not alone playing sloppy football this year, and the lock-out is the reason.

Talent will out in the end, and while our defense is starting to show some real signs of life - they're still not as deep as the Packers, the Ravens or even the Jets. Even the Jets D has been as up and down as much as the Chiefs have been this year.

Our offense is at least 5 or 6 front line talents behind our defense. Clearly QB is an issue the club has to address this off-season. Palko is taking a lot of heat for his play, but I think he's hanging pretty tough considering the situation at RT and TE. He's probably not any worse than Cassell at the end of the day, Matt just has a boatload more NFL snaps. Either way I don't see either of these guys being the kind of QB that can take control of a game and win on his own play-making. At best, both of them will be OK as game mgmt type QB's.

This off-season Pioli & Co need to be looking for a stud RT and another good TE for depth behind Moeaki. On D I pray for another linebacker with DJ's heart and skill, and a young NT in the mold of Kelly Gregg whom he can mentor with.

After the early injuries and the slow start on D, I thought we were looking at a 4-7 win season. The guys are on pace for that, and I think the teams management and coaching team should be retained. The players have done a LOT of work for these men, and I think that's the yardstick we should use to measure the team management as it rebuilds our team.

I'm equally concerned the players would feel violated if we ran Haley off at this point. They respect him and they've bought in - all the way in. As a fan, my job is to buy in as well, and love these guys whether they're winning or not. And I do. I love DJ's intensity, and the Brandon's exuberance, and the joy on Hali's face, and for a thousand other little reasons.

And I love them most of all when they're suffering a loss. Because they shoot their hearts like cannon trying to win for KC.

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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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