The Last Guy Still Supporting the Coach

I am keeping this one on the side for now instead of the front page because I am very much going to be writing a subjective piece here. I'll be that guy. I'm going to be on the ship and go down with it, if that is what it will take to have at least one person still be loyal to the guy.

I have a myriad of reasons for doing this. Do I think Todd Haley is infallible and never makes a mistake? Nope, but the things that I read in the comments section are beyond ridiculous. Ultimately the coach does take the brunt of the blame in most cases, but I just cannot understand what some people are thinking before they type on here.

Here we go. Let's start from the beginning of the season. During the preseason, go back to the threads with our preseason predictions for this team. (A team that was fully healthy). The strong schedule argument was tossed around frequently and the MAJORITY of APers had this Chiefs team (fully healthy) with a losing record. FACT. To repeat, the fact that we are 5-8 should not be surprising to anyone because many of you PREDICTED a losing season.

Siler, Moeaki, Berry and Charles go down. Suck for Luck begins. A good portion of the APers wondered if the Chiefs would even WIN A GAME. There were many people who literally did not think the team would win one. They looked at Indy, Minnesota and Miami as our chances.

Then, probably the worst thing happened that could have for Todd Haley. He actually got the boys playing well and they win four in a row. Suddenly everyone forgets their tempered expectations and is now looking at how we could go into the tough part of the schedule at 6-3. Haley's approval level rises, people are happy.

They lose to Miami and Denver. Haley now sucks again. The team is awful. This guy should be fired. Oh, and Matt Cassel got hurt too. Forget that Miami and Denver have played well since then and showed that they don't stink, we lost to those teams at home, Haley is terrible. Look at his record. Ugh we are now 4-5. Even though, the majority of APers thought we would be under .500 and even though we were missing some of our most important players. 4-5 is disgusting and a travesty.

Tyler Palko is now the starter. Go back to the thread where Matt Cassel was announced as injured. You would have thought we captured Bin Laden again. People were ecstatic! Play Palko! Let's see what he can do, even as people who had seen him play warned everyone else that Tyler Palko throws worse than Tim Tebow. They compete well in two straight games at New England and home to Pittsburgh (even though our offense has officially lost any firepower it had left) yet APers act stunned that we lost those games to two division leaders. Not proud of the effort, but stunned that we didn't keep the Pats closer and couldn't beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. The same Pittsburgh Steelers that nobody thought we were going to beat in the first place. Terrible coaching though, for sure, is what kept us from winning those games.

Another bad idea by Todd Haley was going out and winning last week in Chicago. Even though the team won, clearly the genius that is Romeo Crennel summoned the victory from the team despite Todd Haley, who obviously had nothing to do with it. Instead of being proud of the team for going into Soldier Field and beating a Bears team (who is beating Denver at Mile High while I type), APers got greedy again. At 5-7, people were drawing out playoff scenarios, while others were still plotting the move for the next Head Coach. This all despite the fact that even when we were fully healthy, the majority of APers predicted a sub .500 season.

And here we are today. I predicted a Chiefs win because that is what I wanted to happen, not necessarily what I thought would happen. As people were warned, and as everyone has seen, Tyler Palko could not start on my flag football team. People are clamoring for Jackie Battle to get more touches. Yeah, that must be the problem. Because he has shown in ONE game this year that he can be an every down back. Give the ball to McCluster you say? But then the same people turn and call him McFumble. And lastly, the Stanzi saga. Listen, I want to see the kid play. But if they keep sitting him, there is obviously a reason. Only on AP though do you hear that it is because of Todd Haley's stubbornness, his arrogance, and apparent lack of knowledge that Tyler Palko sucks. He is a human being with a brain. I think he gets it. But here in speculation city, as the Chiefs move to 5-8, it must be that Haley has lost his mind and the team has "quit on him" as I read many times today.

Before I am accused of being out of my mind, do not think I am satisfied with the results as they are. The real question here is, what the heck do some of you want from this staff and this team? If after Week 3 people were told we would have 5 wins, there would have been bedlam and nobody would have believed it. I would like to know exactly what Todd Haley and his crew could be doing with this team that would have them better than 5-8. The team missing four of their top eight players, that when healthy wasn't supposed to make the playoffs. What are you all expecting?? I am glad that so many of you are not Indianapolis Colts fans because I am sure you would be expecting them to be in the playoff chase. Because as I read today several times, "stop using injuries as an excuse". Really? As if they stopped mattering after a certain week? Oh but TJ Yates beat the Bengals today. Yes he did. He also has two STUD running backs and close to the number one defense in football. But I suppose it's just because Gary Kubiak had faith in a rookie (even though Yates is not in there by choice).

I literally am at my wits end trying to figure out where perspective is lost here sometimes. What are you seriously expecting when the games are played? We are not good this year. FACT. We were never good this year. FACT. We have holes to be filled and depth to be gained, but are closer than a lot of teams are to being successful. FACT. We have won 5 games with a team that APers thought might top out with 7 or 8 when we HAD a full squad. FACT.

Firing Todd Haley does nothing to help this squad. It does not give us OL depth. It does not give us a franchise QB. It does not give us DL help. All it does is stunt ANY progress we have made and cause the franchise to start over AGAIN when we have core defensive players who are not getting younger and cannot afford a restart. I mean the guy finally showed some fire today with the officials (which people have clamored for all season) and is now being called childish for doing so. It is a lose-lose situation for the staff, Scott Pioli and the players right now because a win generated ridiculous expectations and a loss to a superior team leads to the desire to eliminate anyone and everyone people dislike. If we want to be better, we keep this coach and we focus on the draft and the offseason. Bottom line. So while this was probably a rambling and long fanpost, it is my opinion (and mine only) that we need to get real here and understand we are not good, find out where we can get better, and then DO IT. The complaining and the witch hunts for people's jobs contribute nothing to the team's future success. I'm out.

My disclaimer is I am as mad as all of you, but I apparently view things through glasses that are a very different kind than some that are worn by others here. I respect the opinions of the many that will disagree with me, I just cannot in any way agree with some of the "blow it all up" logic that is prevalent.

Postscript: Todd Haley has been fired. Time to move on.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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