Todd Haley's Last Game

What we saw was tragic for all involved but it would have been worse if Brian Urlacher and Chris Conte had not knocked the ball directly into the hands of Dexter McCluster. Other than that, it was a pathetic display of offense and strong defense by the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Bears. I wish all the viewers that were affected a speedy recovery and/or a return of their vision. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the outcome but it was a hard watch.

Tyler Palko did not turn the ball over and the Chiefs converted 7 of 20 third down conversions but they couldn't find the Broncos' side of the field until the end of the second quarter and rarely spent any time there in any quarter of the game. The running game was

abyssmal except for Dexter McCluster's few good runs. It is clear that Todd Haley has lost his confidence in Jackie Battle and even

more clear that he needs to lose confidence in Thomas Jones. It is not that Battle is a great option but he is the better option and he should have been given more carries than Jones.

The Chiefs defense played a great game, carrying the team to a win. I do not want to take away from the defense but, as great as they did, they were lucky that Roy Williams drops a pass in the end zone just like Tyler Palko is lucky that Bears cornerbacks dropped his passes. It also helped that Matt Forte was knocked out of the game early (he should have taken one of the Bears' many contract offers when it was offered to him). This was easily more of a Bears loss than a Chiefs win. I wouldn't feel bad about that because a win is a win. The Chiefs did what they had to do to win against a tea

m with a quarterback as lowly as Palko.

This Could Get Petty

Bear fan friends of mine have called this the worst Bears game they have ever seen and that is saying something. For the Chiefs, it was an awful game but the games against the Buffalo Bills, the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos were much worse. Tyler Palko has a lot to do with that and I don't think that Todd Haley made the "right" move by starting him. Yes, they won but they won in spite of Palko, not because of him just like the Broncos win in spite of Tim Tebow. Yeah, I said it.

Scott Pioli cannot fire Todd Haley for what happened because the Chiefs won. Any organization worth their salt fires their coach in the scenario that Haley was faced with. The Chiefs spent money on Kyle Orton and Tyler Palko has no projection as a competitive quarterback in the N

FL. Kyle Orton is not just a better quarterback, he is better than Tyler Palko at every facet of life. If it is true that Pioli or some other front office suit told Haley to play Orton and Haley did not, the next loss should be Todd Haley's last. If Haley survives another loss after starting Palko over Orton, even though Orton is injured, Scott Pioli is to blame for not getting rid of a subversive subordinate.

If you heard Danny Parkins tell his story on his 610 AM radio show of how a Chiefs official leaked that Haley cancelled a team meeting on Saturday in Chicago to go out with his friends, then you know how clear it is that the Chiefs want Haley gone. If they waver in taking care of what needs to happen, it may be fair to say that Pioli and the front office would rather be petty than do their jobs and run an NFL franchise the right way. I don't think that is the case and that is why I think Haley will be fired tomorrow.

One other thing I will note and that is the fact that Haley did put Orton in a

fter a bad quarter of dead ball era football. He then called a flea flicker on Orton's first play which burnt up valuable time and left Orton out to dry. I do not think that Haley meant to get Orton hurt but he did want Orton to have troubles and cast doubts in people's minds. No matter what you believe happened, it was clearly a bad call and not one you call for a veteran quarterback on his first play. That basically encapsulates Todd Haley's head coaching style: kinda stupid.

Cooling the Jets

It will be nice to see the Jets with the ball because the defense gives the Chiefs have a better chance to score. Another great game from Justin Houston may be in order. It may just be that he has arrived. The Bears sieve-like offensive line gets more credit for the Chiefs' seven sacks but the Chiefs finished the job each time and raised their embarrassingly low sack total to 20. Houston should get a lot of chances to hit the quarterback with Tamba Hali on the other side. Studebake

r was not able to do so and the Chiefs need someone else to take advantage of the double-teams Hali is getting.

On offense, there is just not that much there for the Chiefs. It is painful watching Tyler Palko throw a flats pass to the line of scrimmage and that is as short as a forward pass can be. As painful as it is, however, that really is the Chiefs' only shot at any bit of success. I think Battle needs to get many of the carries and Dexter McCluster should get the same amount of touches as he did last week. What I think will happen is that Thomas Jones will get more carries again and the Chiefs will try to throw it down the field because the Jets will stack the box with at least eight defenders. Since Tyler Palko can barely get it past the line of scrimmage, bad things will happen.

The Jets' defense will take care of the Chiefs' dismal offense and it will be a

nother long day. Though the Jets have their limits on offense, they do have a capable quarterback who can probably move the football. The Chiefs are going to need another set of miracles to come away with a win. I do not see it happening and Todd Haley will be out as Chiefs head coach on Monday. I am not as angry at him as I thought he would be. I am just saying what I think will happen. Chiefs lose, Haley out.

Prediction: New York Jets 23, Kansas City Chiefs 10

On another note, the game following the Chiefs will be the Bears-Broncos game. Tim Tebow will face a real defense but the Broncos defense will destroy a fake offense. I hope for the sake of NFL football that the Bears break up the option nonsense. Crush Jesus Tebow!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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