The Trade Back

The Chiefs obviously need a franchise quality player at quarterback, recently it seems that all of the talk has been about staking the future on a trade up for Luck or RG3. Such scenario would likely require a package of multiple high round picks and possibly players. I won't debate the merits of either prospect, both are in my opinion among my favorite QB's to come out in recent years, what I will contest is that such trade up scenario does not serve the Chiefs best interests in the long term. I really feel that with how the draft is shaping up the Chiefs would be best served moving in the other direction.

Honestly I see this team picking around 10-11 with Barkley (and with him Kalil) likely returning to school and Luck almost assuredly the top pick in the draft, I see us missing on a top tier QB (unfortunately). Barring an unforseen draft day fall for RG3 or Martin (LT Stanford) or a trade up. I think the Chiefs best option is to trade out of the spot and pick up some extra picks. Honestly I don’t see Martin or RG3 lasting and think the Chiefs make a series of trade-backs to the early second picking up and additional late 2012 2nd and a 2013 1st in the process.

This would allow us to fill many of our remaining holes and begin to build solid depth. Two first's in 2013 would also give us substantial ammunition to move up and land our franchise signal caller a year from now if he's there. That player would walk into an ideal situation, with a team that is already ready to contend.

My Mock Offseason

Free Agency:

While I'm definitely a fan of the build through the draft with a few smart free agent acquisitions. I think that this is the year we see the Chiefs make a bit more of a splash in free agency, we have a ways to go to meet the floor for next season.

First Priority is to resign our own, namely Carr and Bowe, either get both locked up long term or work a deal for one franchise the other. Also think we should bring back McClain.

Next bring in some talent, there are a few guys out their I could see helping the Chiefs:

-Ryan Grant RB (Greenbay) – I don’t see the Pack making a big move to bring him back. Good all around back who fits our scheme. Would take over Jones role in our offense.

-Antonio Garay NT (San Diego) – With the management and coaching changes going on in San Diego we could see a scheme change or Garay could be lost in the shuffle. Would be a solid pick up and replacement for Gregg, would rotate with Powe. Could also consider Paul Soliai if Miami lets him walk.

-Carl Nicks OG (New Orleans) – Nicks is one of the top guards in the league but can New Orleans afford to keep him? Would step in a relegate Lilja to quality depth. I see us having two big needs on the offensive line LG and RT, but I’m leery of relying on two rookies to start in the same year. This would bring in a high level experienced veteran to fill the hole at guard.

-D’Qwell Jackson MLB (Cleveland) – This guy was a star under Romeo in Cleveland but has struggled through some injuries lately. He’s a free agent after this season and there is a chance the Browns let him walk. Would make for an amazing linebacker core: Houston – Jackson – Johnson – Hali.


- I think the time has come to finally move on from Dorsey and get a true 3-4 end in his place. I think a trade to a 4-3 team could net us an extra 3rd.

Which leads us to the draft:

2A: Jared Crick DE (Nebraska): First round talent that drops because of an injury. I see Crick as the top 3-4 end prospect in this class, would put a dominate force opposite Jackson and shore up our D-Line for the future.

2B: Dwayne Allen TE (Clemson): Top all around TE prospect in the draft. Coupled with T-Mo gives the Chiefs the sort of deadly 2 TE set, that’s been so successful in recent years.

2C: Mike Adams OT (Ohio State): Another guy who probably has first round talent but slips (this time due to character concerns), should take over the RT position almost immediately. Could also go Datko, Sanders, Adcock in Round 3.

3A: Ryan Tannehill QB (A&M): Pioli grabs another mid round developmental guy with upside to throw at the QB problem. Could also go Foles in the 4th.

3B: DB Depth grab a CB or Safety with skills who falls on draft day

4: G/C Depth a guy like Jones C (Georgia), Brewster C (OSU), Zeitler G (Wisconsin)

5: DB Depth whatever position (CB or S) that wasn't addressed in Round 3

6: BPA

7: BPA

7: BPA

I could also see one of the 2nd or 3rd round picks being used on SILB, since one of the top 4 will assuredly fall, especially if we don’t land Jackson in FA. Prime candidates IMO are Burflict (for his character concerns) or Hightower (I just get the feeling the combine is going to kill his stock, I think he runs a real slow 40… like Spikes slow)

This would give us a starting line up of:

QB: Cassel (Ugh) (w/ Stanzi and Tannehill for depth)
HB: Charles / Grant (w/ Battle and DexMex for depth)
FB: McClain
WR: Bowe, Breaston, and Baldwin
TE: Allen and Moeaki

LT: Albert
LG: Nicks (Lilja for depth)
C: Hudson
RG: Big Jon (G/C draft pick for depth)
RT: Adams (B Rich for depth)

LDE: T Jax (Gilberry or Bailey for Depth)
NT: Garay and Powe
RDE: Crick (Bailey or Gordon for Depth)

WOLB: Hali (Sheffield for Depth)
WILB: Johnson (Greenwood for Depth)
SILB: Jackson (Belcher for Depth)
SOLB: Houston (Miller for Depth)

CB: Flowers, Carr, Arenas (Brown, Daniels, draft pick for depth)
FS: Lewis (Langford or draft pick for depth)
SS: Berry (draft pick for depth)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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