There's not really a whole lot to say about a performance that awful, other than the Chiefs need to burn that game tape and move on. 

Since there's not a whole lot to cover, I'll just highlight what were, in my view, the biggest plays of the game (help again from ESPN).




1st and 10 at MIA 30 T.Jones up the middle to MIA 29 for 1 yard (K.Burnett).    
2nd and 9 at MIA 29 J.Battle left end to MIA 30 for -1 yards (K.Burnett; K.Misi).

***So, we're moving the ball down the field VERY well on this drive, and then we get stuffed on two run plays in a row.  I'm not against running the football, really, so this is all subjective, but these two plays killed our drive and made us settle for an opening drive FG (AGAIN!).  We have to figure out a way to score TD's instead of FG's. 

I saw a fanshot (I think it was Bfett) a while back that said something like "We got field goals all day long," or something like that.  As much as Bfett was blasting our beloved Chiefs at that point in the season, that fanshot was VERY true.  I stand to be corrected, but I believe that all of our opening scoring drives in games have led to FG's.  THAT WON'T CUT IT AGAINST OUR MURDERER'S ROW GAMES COMING UP! Obviously, it didn't even cut it against one of the worst teams in the league (I don't care about "talent" or anything are what your record says, and going into Sunday's game, the Dolphins hadn't won anything).  Let's move on.


1st and 10 at MIA 22 M.Moore pass deep right to C.Clay to MIA 43 for 21 yards (B.Flowers).    
1st and 10 at MIA 43 M.Moore pass deep right to C.Clay to KC 35 for 22 yards (B.Flowers).    
1st and 10 at KC 35 M.Moore pass deep left to A.Fasano for 35 yards, TOUCHDOWN. 13 3
D.Carpenter extra point is GOOD, Center-J.Denney, Holder-B.Fields. 14 3


***Okay, really?  This is ridiculous.  Raise your hand if you thought that on three consecutive plays that Flowers and DJ would've been the cause for a Dolphins TD? hand's not raised either.  Obviously, our defense played horribly on Sunday.  Let's put it this way: Matt Moore led the NFL in Total QBR this week.  Yeah...he LED THE LEAGUE, as in #1, the BEST...even ahead of Aaron Rodgers, who got me like 30+ points on my fantasy team.  Folks, that's absolutely pathetic.  I think I'm going to vomit...let's get this over with.

3rd and 3 at MIA 33 M.Cassel sacked at MIA 45 for -12 yards (T.Culver).

***In my opinion, this summarizes the game and is the PLAY OF THE GAME. We had driven all the way from our own 9 yard line (another story we'll hit on in just a moment), and it REALLY looked like we were going to tack on some points before the half.  Of course, Cassel, for the 15,216th time, got sacked.  This was a major momentum changer.

Our O-line sucked this week (DUH!).  I haven't looked or don't even know if Bewsaf has posted the O-line stats yet (GREAT STUFF BY THE WAY!), but I can guarantee that they were horrendous.  We won't win many games with our O-line sucking that bad. 


4th and 11 at MIA 34 (Field Goal formation) D.Colquitt to MIA 39 for -5 yards (K.Dansby). FUMBLES (K.Dansby), recovered by KC-J.Asamoah at MIA 37. J.Asamoah to MIA 39 for -2 yards.


***This was unbelievable.  I haven't heard what the deal was with this yet (this post is usually the first Chiefs-related content for me each week), but I literally couldn't believe it.  Special teams has, in my view, been fairly solid for us this year (other than Succop having a terrible start to the season).  It just shows that when you're team is having an off day, it really does effect EVERYBODY.


I really can't go any farther than that.  I think that the botched FG attempt sealed our fate long before the Dolphins put up 17 more points.  For whatever reason, we just weren't ready (it's becoming a common theme with Haley's Chiefs).  I really don't know what to think about our team, in general.  I'm just going to let the rest of the season play out.  I'm tired of guessing.

*Field position was GIGANTIC in this game. 

It seemed like (not looking at stats here...just going off of what I saw) we were consistently starting drives DEEP in our own territory. 

*Cassel will probably always fluctuate from game to game.

It really is just who he is as a QB.  You really never know what you're going to get.  Having said that, I fault the O-line more than him on this one.  He had no time to do anything with the ball.

*This was a team "brain fart."

I don't want to hear about "trap game" or anything like that.  This was just a total mental lapse by our guys.  They were not prepared at all.  I don't think they underestimated Miami.  I think they weren't fully prepared.  We've seen how our guys react when they aren't prepared:  they SUCK.  We weren't prepared to start the season...and we sucked.  We had an abnormal week of practice leading up to this game, with less preparation...and we sucked.  Young teams NEED great game plans to win.  We have a young team.  Also...

*Quick Draw McGraw and Javier Arenas mean more to the team than people think.

Look, I realize these guys are not great defensive backs, and most of the time, you can't even consider them "good."  However, their absence in our secondary was VERY noticable.  Donald Washington and Sabby Piscitelli just aren't any good.  It's as simple as that.  One of the biggest reasons Matt Moore looked so good is because our depth at defensive back SUCKS.  Having three injuries (including Berry) in our secondary will almost ALWAYS lead to a loss for the Chiefs.


I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this crap.  Here's to hoping that McGraw and Arenas are ready for next week (haven't checked injury info), Cassel has more than 1.2 seconds to get a pass off, and Tim Tebow has a sucky game (I like the guy...fellow Christian...but I can't like him playing for the Donkeys!).

Be blessed, everyone...and, as always, GO CHIEFS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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