How good is Rodgers this year?

Rodgers is obviously having an other-worldly season. The eye test can tell you that much, as can his teams 9-0 record. But how good has he been statistically compared to some of the great QB seasons of the other active QB's....

Rodger's numbers this season thus far:

71.9 comp %, 327 YPG, 9.81 YPA, 23 TD's - 3 INT's

If you extrapolate the numbers over a season:

11' Aaron Rodgers- 5,238 Yards, 71.9 comp%, 9.81 YPA, 46 TD's - 6 INT's, 125.7 QB Rating

And he has 5 of 8 remaining games left at home. Here are some of the other great QB seasons of recent history.

10' Tom Brady- 3,900 Yards, 65.9 comp%, 7.93 YPA, 36 TD's - 4 INT's, 111.0 QB Rating

08' Tom Brady- 4,806 Yards, 68.9 comp%, 8.32 YPA, 50 TD's - 8 INT's, 117.2 QB Rating

04' Peyton Manning- 4,557 Yards, 67.6 comp%, 9.17 YPA, 49 TD's - 10 INT's, 121.1 QB Rating


Obviously you'd take any of these seasons from your QB, as they only come along about once every 2-3 seasons. You also have to have some excellent receivers and O Line, as well as have a lot of things go your way. That being said, he may not being having the best season we've seen from a QB in the the last decade, but you could make an argument that he may. You certainly wouldn't hate the comp % and YPA he gives you, as well as the ball security. He actually has the NFL record right now for highest TD/INT ratio for a career- 3.06, and lowest INT/Passes thrown percentange- 1.99%.  He truly does put on a fantastic performance and he seems like he has fun doing it. Props to the Packers for drafting and developing him, and props to Rodgers for being such a bad ass. Can't see a reason why you wouldn't pick them to win the Bowl thus far. 

By the way, his comp%, YPA, and QB Rating would be NFL single season records for the Super Bowl era if the season ended now, that's saying something. 

I know this probably belongs on a Packers blog, but I'm a Chiefs fan and even I can respect excellence when I see it, thought you would enjoy as well...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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