You c'n hear a pin drop in here!

A decisive victory by the Dolphins.  What are the biggest issues?  What do you find most glaring?  I'll kick it off by hitting a few lowlights.

Here we go:
  1. No route disruption at the line.  And too little when it's attempted.
  2. Failure to generate pressure  on the QB.
  3. O-Line isn't getting it done.
  4. Failure to protect the QB.
  5. Some lack of awareness by the QB, flushing into trouble, at times.
  6. Rookie growing pains by Baldwin.  Hasn't quite learned to look for the ball  where Cassel is most likely to place it, given the coverage.
  7. Seems like when the field is half in shadow, the passing game, especially to Bowe, sputters.  Under the lights?  Lights out.  Midafternoon on Sunday?  Not so much.

I'm sure others will have their pet peeves. 

I think that with the people KC has, they should shift their style of D more to suit. 

I think that Washington got yanked from the game for not playing smart.  Piscitelli got on the field, because his physical limitations are outweighed by Haley's aversion to bone-headed mistakes  Zero tolerance.

I was going to rant a little on playcalling, but the bottom line on offense is that the O-Line is failing to execute.  Inside, outside, doesn't matter.  I prefer to see 'em test the edges early, but opposing defenses are getting penetration up and down the whole line, so inside or outside run plays are blown up at the point of origin.

We were speculating about the "Wham" or "cutback" block by the TE, and I said maybe they don't do it, because the TE can't execute it.  Sure enough, saw two of them (at least), in today's game, and, whether the TE can do it, or not, the O-Line can't, so the point is moot. 

Offense still has not found an identity, and until they learn to block it up better, they never will.  Seems like their best plays are off the 2-back offense, with 3 WRs and no TE.  Seems like they just can't execute much else at a high level, consistently.  I'd like to see the offense look simpler, but execute better. 

They left the base front 3 in almost all day long.  Meager pressure off that.  And got really soft against the run as the game wore on. 

This team didn't look very good, today.  I would like to see them try working in some new faces on O-Line.  Get Gaither or Hudson in there.  SOMEthing.  They need to get bigger/stronger up the gut, and I don't care if it means getting Hudson in there, or installing Gaither and shifting Albert to LG.  May be a slap in the face for Albert, but they need to get bigger.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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