Did We Catch a Steal?

So as I started looking at my Fantasy Roster (in the championships!) I looked at my QB situation and just sighed because I have to start Sanchez (Schaub was Qb1). With injuries plaguing my team, honestly I'm not sure how I pulled off being in the championship currently holding onto third. I started crunching some numbers as I always do and then I got fed up with looking at Sanchez's mug and decided to head over here to AP and read some posts. Which lead me to a different number crunch amongst QB's now prior to a draft situation. Where do a few people stand in this league based purely on numbers w/o considering the matchups or the W vs L ratio. What does this say (if anything) about Kyle Orton and our future draft.

I found it interesting and wanted to share the numbers; plus I wanted to gain some of y'alls insight and opinions on the matter. I picked Cassel, a backup, a middle of the road, an elite and Orton. Here's the numbers.

Our QB Cassel: 9 games

TD's 10: averaging .9 PG. Int's 9: averaging 1.0 PG. Fmb's 5: averaging .45 PG. Total Yards 1713 averaging 190.3 yards PG.

Miami back up Matt Moore: 7 games

TD's 8: averaging 1.1 PG. Int's 5: averaging .7 PG. Fmb's 9: averaging +1 PG. Total Yards: 1607 averaging 200.87

(reverse the pick to fumble numbers on these guys and it's virtually the same, except Moore has a higher yardage total. Hmmm. OL problems in KC? Cassel? or both?)

Jets QB (shudder) Mark Sanchez: 11 games

TD's 17: averaging 1.5 PG. Int's 11: averaging 1 PG. Fmbl's 7: avg .63 PG. Total Yards: 2513 averaging 229.5 PG.

(He has 4 games on Moore with only an average of 29.5 yards higher, 2 fewer fumbles, and 6 more interceptions)

Elite Pats Tom Brady: 11 games

TD's 29: averaging 2.6 PG. Int's 9: averaging .93 PG. Fmbl's 4: averaging .36 PG. Total yards 3627: averaging 329 PG.

(There's just no comparison here)

Who the Hell knows…Kyle Orton: 4.5 games

TD's 6: averaging 1.3 PG. Int's 7: averaging 1.75 PG. Fmbls 2: averaging .5 PG. Total yards 979: averaging 244.5 PG.

(I like the yardage to TD ratio but good god the turnover's are high)


With that boring number stuff I like to do there's something here that is just absolutely undeniable. Brady is an Android. Moore is getting his feet about him and improves each week. Sanchez is par for the course. Cassel has the worst yardage by far. Orton is an unknown factor going forward. Denver hated the guy and drank too much Tebow Kool-Aid creating mania like symptoms. But what if he'd had the support of his team bi-proxi his city? Hadn't been on the block to Miami with a fall out deal? Is an Orton a leader underneath it all? Will our O-Line and WR core help this dude out?

I don't know, but numbers are numbers and tell quite the story on their own. Orton in comparison;

He has a better TD average than: Cassel and Moore

His Interceptions: Higher than all of them. (cringe)

Fumbles: Better than Moore and Sanchez (Cassel barely squeaked out of this one)

Yards Averaged: Better than Moore, Cassel and yes, Sanchez.

So, Chiefs fans since the draft is not yet upon us…how do we really feel about Orton with his 4.5 game totals and did we potentially get a steal off the waiver? Thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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